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Worlds of Battles are Waiting For You!

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Artix Entertainment's friendly team of game developers bring you another week of epic battles, deadly bosses, and TONS of all-new reward gear to unlock! Read on to see what waits for you, then /unsheath your blade and prepare to Battle ON!

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AdventureQuest Worlds - Artix's Living Dungeon!

Log in at this weekend and bring your friends! When the dungeon itself turns against you... you will need everything you have got to survive because... it is ALIVE! Artix returns with another all-new, ground-breaking (literally!) release to rock your world (and shatter your ideas about just what a dungeon can be made of)! 

Don't miss the Ancient Grovebreaker Blade - unlock this exclusive new weapon with any AdventureCoin package, then find the Eternal Groveborn Rares shop in your game menu! 


Epic Duel  - Theon of Odosius

Meet Theon of Odosius, treasure hunter extraordinaire, and embark on a quest to find the lost Yutilian Shards. These shards are said to unlock amazing treasures, but legend has it a terrible creature guard the treasure.

  • 2 new shops celebrating our guest artist Theon
  • New challenging mission chain
  • 2 new fightable NPCs with rare drops
  • 20+ new items
  • 6 new styles


AdventureQuest - Golden Gift Box Update!

Our new tutorial is coming this week! Filled with exciting action, music and learning! You will also find a new Balloon Fighter pet in Aria’s Shop. Can you defeat the Ancient Four-Eyed Freak in this week’s Void Challenge Battle? 

  • Also don’t miss the Were-Ant pet coming to the Limited-Time Shop - only here for 2 weeks!
  • Golden Giftboxes - Tuning Blade and Silas the Vampragon
  • Tuning Blade is 'tuned' by Drakel technology to enemies that rely on armor, metal or robotics, and therefore has a large bonus to hit them!
  • What happens when a vampire bat is magically fused with a dragon? A Vampragon happens, that's what! Silas is a very special Vampragon that can seek between Fire and Darkness elements!


DragonFable - Blood Feud!

Frydae has made his move at and wrested Thursday from Safiria’s grasp...will you be able to reach the Darkness Tower before Thursday’s ancient ancestor bestows his gift of the vampire curse on her and makes her a member of his eternal royal court?! 


Mech Quest - Distress Call Omega!

An Ebil-corp research station in the middle of a remote asteroid field has put out an Omega level emergency distress call! Mr. Z has requested your help to find out what’s going on but if it’s this serious it can’t be good!
Ebil-corp doesn’t usually ask for favors, but recently they’ve needed quite a few. Maybe something you’ll find on the station will help shed some light on everything!

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kabimarta1: Quite possibly the most epic AQWorlds release I've played thus far! SPOILER ALERT: Epic Super Robot-style boss fight at the end!
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