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Start Your Summer Now: New Game Releases on June 5

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Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Tournament of Heroes

  • Can YOU defeat 15 of Lore’s fiercest fighters?
  • Take on the Gauntlet of Champions in the Tournament of Heroes
    • Discover their stories
    • Marvel at their accomplishments
    • Challenge them to head-to-head combat!
  • If you survive all 15 rounds, your portrait will be placed alongside theirs in the Hall of Victors

Summer Shop

  • Surfboards
  • Sunglasses
  • Robot dolphin (wat?)
  • Limited-Time: Ultra Revenger and Jurassic Raptor armor sets!


Epic Duel  - Real Time PVP MMO

EpicDuel Power Weekend

  • Starting Friday, EpicDuel is activating a POWER WEEKEND!
  • Get double XP and Credits all weekend long!


Coming Soon: Bio Beasts for iOS, Android

New enemies revealed!

  • Check out the latest BioBeasts news on

Follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter for more news!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG

Liliana’s Request

  • As we grow nearer to the new Temple of Hope’s completion, a communicant of the Wind Lord seeks your assistance.
  • Only the Chosen of Lore can face the perils that lie in the Immertot version of the Abode!
  • Also find newly updated mage staves in the Mage Class Shop

June Raffle Contest

  • PRIZE: the Mythical Warrior Armor
  • Every day you log in, you will receive 1 ticket
  • Log in every day in June and receive an extra 20 tickets!

Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Castle Crashers

  • Her Highness, Queen Safiria, has summoned you back to her castle… at the request of Thursday?!
  • What does the vampire queen have planned for you and your friends as you meet on the shore of her blood red lake?
  • Log in this Friday to find out!


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Trouble for Zargon

  • There seems to be trouble stirring on Zargon!
  • Selina needs your help figure out who’s causing blackouts all over Zargon!

Battle On!