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The Best RPGs and MMOs Just Got Better: Brand New Game Releases Happening Now!

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lakens rise aqw 4.24.jpg

Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Laken’s Rise: Undead Legion Infiltration

This Friday, battle to save the Seraphic Paladins from the treason, betrayal, and murder lurking in the shadows of their Fortress! Aid Darkon, commander of the Order, as you seek out spies sent by the Undead Legion, then help purge the Order of Dage’s dark influence.

Become a bone-ified commander of the Undead this Friday with Dage’s Obsidia Necromancer! Unlock the entire set with a 12000 AdventureCoin package, including the color-custom armor and helm, or find select items from the set in a limited-time rares shop in-game!

EpicDuel_Browser_PvP_MMO_Wasteland_War_Artix ed.jpg

Epic Duel  - Real Time PVP MMO

The Wasteland War

After a long period of relative peace, war has finally reached The Wasteland.

Join the Legion or Exiles to battle for dominance of The Wasteland.

  • Attackers will use Drone Launchers to loot The Lawman’s secret Ammo Cache.

  • Defenders will use Sabotage Kits to thwart the attackers.

Check out our new mobile project BioBeasts (


You can follow the offical BioBeasts Twitter ( for more news


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Big Trobble on Little Syna

The evil To Pan steals Floyd’s bride-to-be as part of a ritual to grant him immortality. Now you must sail with Floyd to the island of Syna to get her back! Also don’t miss Aquardiche coming to the Limited-Time Shop and the Dardebil player face in Warlic’s shop.

df inner unself 4.24.png

Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG

Inner UnSelf

Log in this week and continue Roirr's story! Play as the villain himself and make your way through the silvered woods of the western continent to find the Ull village.


Mechquest_Aegis_Reborn_23April15 - mq.png

Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Aegis Reborn!

The Aegis is back! You can find the new version, as a Star Captain Exclusive Mecha, with brand new specials in the Star Captain Armory tonight!

  • New icons! After many of you suggested that the weapon type icons needed an update we are! You’ll be able to tell what weapon type is being used much easier now!

  • Earth Day was Wednesday! You can still pick up a shoulder weapon to celebrate!

Oversoul-87-DrakathAltF2P-04-24-15-1 os.jpg

Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

Free To Play Drakath Fiend

Join the fun and play Drakath Fiend Alternative Legendary Character & mystery chaos character

DrakathFiend-Chaos-M-Legend - os.png

Coming soon:

Chaotic Flux Rebalancing and Fire Shinobi

Shinobi-Fire-N-M-Master1- os.png


Battle On! 

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kabimarta1: I just evolved my Bandit Drakath into Chaos Drakath in Oversoul today. The new Dage release in AQW looks like it's going to be quite an interesting one. P.S. Do you guys still make Artix Upgrade Cards? I just got my last few ones at my Toys 'R Us in Portland, ME, and they don't seem to be getting them anymore.
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