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Battle On All Weekend Long: New Game Releases by Artix Entertainment

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Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Feverfew Falls: Feed the Beast

This Friday battle to save the healers of Feverfew Falls! The Firestorm Onslaught has attacked, the temple has been destroyed, and many of the refugees and the sick have been taken... but WHY?! Discover Tyndarius’ fiendish plans for the kidnapped children, then fight your way out of the temple to rescue them before YOU become the next to fall!

  • Rescue the healers of Feverfew Falls

  • Discover what Tyndarius, Lord of the Firestorm, plans to do with the kidnapped children

  • Race through the caverns below Feverfew Falls to escape the plague

  • Upgrade to unlock the two newest Legend-only armor sets: the Blazerun and Vodarage Tank sets


Epic Duel  - Real Time PVP MMO

Power Weekend!

  • Restock of all Limited-Quantity items! 


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Blarney War 2015!

  • Lallace's people tried to secede from the Leprechaun Nation, become a sovereign settlement.
  • Sham accused them of treason and locked up the entire town!
  • In agreeing to aid Lallace, Sham now marches his Leprechaun army against Battleon!


Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

Chaos Infection!

  • The Chaos Plague is Spreading! Who else will be Infected?

Coming Soon!

  • Chaos Deck Rebalancing
  • Chaos Drakath Legendary form
  • Fire Shinobi


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG


  • Neron has been hard at work studying the blood samples that you collected while on patrol, but he needs your help to get a closer look at the werewolf infection as it spreads! 

  • Log in now to get started on Bloodwork!


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

The Eggship!

  • A strange object has crashed!

    • Sys-Zero needs your help to find out what it is!
    • Be prepared for anything!

Battle On!

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