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New DRAGONS Game Update!

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Introducing Leaderboards and Exclusive Cookie Clicker Dragon

Have you played Artix’s newest mobile game, AdventureQuest DRAGONS?


If you haven’t… now is the best time to do so! Because the easy-to-pick-up and hard-to-put-down DRAGONS game was just updated with global leaderboards and the exclusive Cookie Clicker dragon, “Krumblor.”

Download the free app now at

Fast fact time GO GO GO!

  • Over 5,000 shining reviews on Google Play!
  • Sharing AQ DRAGONS with 5 friends gets you the Cookie Dragon
  • Introducing Leaderboards... with all bugs squashed!
  • DRAGONS Fan Art Contest starting soon
  • Web version of AQ DRAGONS hatching soon-ish


Do you have what it takes to become the best Dragon Master? Then prove it at !

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phlynch: any news on the web version?
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Dragonmand: when i saw you updated your game i emmideately updated my copy, but then i realized you have to share with 5 friends to get the new dragon. unfortunately i don't really have an account on any official chat site like facebook, and i don't intent to make one ether. i too don't have any friends to share with. so i ask if there is a way to get it for people without online friends. i'm even willing to pay for the dragon in dragon keys. so maybe you could make a second update so you can choose to share to get it for free or ether make it a quest reward for training up the other dragons or make it buyable with dragon keys. i really want to try leveling this new dragon, it's awesome.
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legendaqw: I'm waiting aqdragons on the web, since I already have it on android and great.
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