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New Game Releases in February!

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Adventure Quest Worlds - Web Browser MMO

Northpointe: Before the Storm

This Friday, journey to the town of Northpointe, your hometown on the continent of Drakonus. Gear up, listen to the townspeople’s rumors, and defend this safe haven from creatures driven to frenzy by the Queen of All Monsters minions!  As her influence begins to spread, there is only one question you must answer: is anywhere safe? Also releasing this weekend: Quibble Coinbiter’s Firestorm Rares shop in Battleon and your game menu!

  • Journey to Northpointe, the starting town for the Ancient Evils storyline on the new continent!

  • Find all Quibble’s hottest gear in your game menu and Battleon!


Epic Duel  - Real Time PVP MMO


  • Double XP and credits NOW through Sunday night!
  • Coming Next Week: Valentine's Day Event!


Adventure Quest - The Classic Fantasy RPG 

Shapeshifter Update!

  • The power of Shapeshifters grows exponentially! Learn incredibly powerful new forms like Lightbringer, Wyvern, Sacragon and more!

Item Update!

  • A new round of gear has arrived in a Battleon shop near you!  Also don’t miss the Deadly Icicle Spell in the Limited-Time Shop!

February Z-Token Package - Flareos Pet!

  • A new bonus item that comes with the 12K token package!
  • This heavenly archer carries two types of arrows, one will awaken fiery passion for you in your foe that renders them unable to harm you, and the other just unleashes fiery death!


Dragon Fable - Turn Based Adventure RPG


  • This week, visit the map and select a brand new region on the western continent to discover what happened to Roirr!


Over Soul  - Trading Card Game MMO

Year of the Ram 2015!

New Characters Coming Soon!

  • Earth Ram
  • Water Ram
  • Void Rebirth Legendary Evolution
  • Fire Shinobi
  • Chaos


Mech Quest - Sci-Fi Giant Robot RPG

Soluna Shop Update Continues!

  • We are continuing to update the look of the older shops!
    • This week's update is the E-Blade shop in Soluna East.
    • Meet the new NPC in a mission given to you by Grayson Light of Light's Blades!

Battle On! 

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kabimarta1: It looks like I was able to redeem my card's code today. You managed to fix that problem with the card server regarding the card network blocking your system, didn't you? And just in time for the new Northpointe release and the new Quibble Shop coming later tonight. Thanks! P.S. Please make sure to announce when certain seasonal events leave for another year, like New Year's, in this case, OK? Thanks in advance!
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minaise: dont worry if you keep an eye on the dn and maybe few twitters of staff you will know it right away when they think ok time to leave for now
Chronoshift: I got Bored on AQW so I went to Mount Doom Skull and killed 76 Chaos Mages and Chaos Rouges. So as a Challenge for all you AQW fans Try to kill 100 anything on Mount Doom Skull under 3 Minutes. (I'd be really Impressed if it was all Corruptions and Chaos Dragons.
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Swordsman of Worlds
Swordsman of Worlds : (AQW) I like that claymore Magnus Steel has. It looks like a Good counterpart to the Ancient PaladinSlayer Claymore. But I've yet to see it in any of the Northpointe shops. Will it be made available later on?
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Gjappy: Actually I thought it was already in-game somehow. Because I recognize it. But I can't quite remember the name of it. If it isn't in game yet, good chance it will be released at some point.
Mindblow: Gon' be honest feels like you are just getting more and more games but you are not expanding on the crew, feels like the games have a decline in updates and they will slowly die one by one and you will only have aqw left.
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Gjappy: I can answer this for you. We are currently hiring new Testers, Moderators and Artists for AQWorlds. Applications close on 15 February for the positions of Tester and Moderator.