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Dragons Apple Release!

Posted by Artix on

Dragons now available on both Apple and Android!

We are LIVE! Please get the app (Apple | Android ) and rate us 5-stars to help spread the word. Meanwhile, the team and I are hard at work on the bugs that you and fellow players are reporting at .

Thank you!

I want to thank everyone for their support, patience and love for this game project. Everyone seems excited about Dragons! Our fellow players love it, The Cookie Clicker guys love it, even distant members of my family are writing me to tell me they love Dragons. When you are neck deep in bugs and issues, the love is like a protective bubble that makes you work faster and harder to fix all the problems.

What we are working on

  • Android "crash after into video" issue
    This one is the top priority and we are pretty deep into the fix. The good news is that when this fix is complete, it should speed up the initial game load for all users, even the ones on apple devices

  • Redeem Key Code for iOS
    As you likely read, we had to remove the redeem key code feature in the Apple version of Dragons in order to release the game. But keep those codes handy! We have a few ideas that we are going to try to get it approved back in the game. Also, you will be able to use them on the web version of Dragons (which could possibly sync via Facebook.)

    On a side note, I would like to express my honest graditude for Apple making Dragons live before the cut-off date of next Monday. We were seriously scared the app would not be approved in time... which would have meant it would not have gone live until January. I wrote a letter in and we submitted an updated build, and someone there at Apple went above and beyond to do us a favor-- which is why the game is live right now. Whoever you are mysterious Apple App Reviewer... THANK YOU!

  • 6-hour Offline Production not working?
    We tracked down the issue and will be releasing a patch for it ASAP.

  • More fixes!!!!!!
    The actual bug fix list is large but with the exception of a few key related issues mostly minor things at this point.... we are working on them all as fast as possible. Thank you for submitting them at

In other news, Beleen was thinking it would be cool to do a Dragons art contest. Also, Orteil and I are working on a Cookie Dragon-- we were thinking the dragon would be free if you helped share the game. I will post the concept art Thyton painted for you later this week.

QUESTION: What is your highest Dragon's GPS (Gems per second)?