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2D Adventure Game Updates on November 21st

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AdventureQuest Worlds - MMORPG

Dragon’s Dawn: Hunt for the Chosen Ones

It has been foretold: 12 VERY SPECIAL eggs are about to hatch, and one day, the descendants of those dragons will be the most powerful of their kind... but many dangers may befall young creatures in the world of Lore. Talk to DragonMaster StoneScythe to begin the hunt for the first of the Chosen Dragons! Then head to our Limited Quantity Package page to grab one of our most draconically-awesome new sets!

  • Face Ektorax the Slime Dragon to save the Egg of Ichorus

  • Quest to create the full DragonMaster set in /ectocave

  • Don’t miss our limited quantity Dragon sets! Restocks go live every 10 hours.

  • Unlock the Draconic DoomKnight armor when you buy the 2000, 5000, or 12000 AC packages!


EpicDuel  - Real Time PVP MMO

The war is over with the Legion victorious, so celebrate with a Power Weekend!

  • Coming Soon: Frozen Fury event!
  • Visit EpicDuel's Design Notes for an in-depth look at Frozen Fury.


AdventureQuest - Fantasy Browser RPG 

Harvest Fest!

  • For the last two years, the Harvest Festival has been interrupted by the increasingly common invasions of the BURPs.
  • But this year, they’re nowhere to be found!
  • Could it be that we’ll finally get a holiday without anything going wrong....or is something far more sinister going on?

Golden Giftboxes!

Solar Staff seeks Fire/Light and summons a healing guest! Now Golden Giftboxes will have 1 rare and 1 permanent item a month! We are bringing back permanently

  • Soluna pet
  • Pygmy Zombie Entourage
  • Purifying Crescent Blade
  • Darklaw
  • Blades of Reaping


OverSoul  - Battle Card MMO

Starting Next Week: Buy Soul Gems now till the end of the year, and receive a Hanzo Void at the end of the Year!

New Characters:

  • Skexis Brood ( Evo from Rare Skexis )
  • AQW Flame Dragon Armor
  • Hanzo Void ( 2nd Upholder Void )
  • Turkonian ( Evolutions Next Week )

Coming Soon!

  • Skexis Brood
  • Fire Dragon Armor Character
  • Void Rebirth Evolution
  • Turkonian Evolutions


DragonFable - Adventure RPG


  • The preperations for a huge feast are in the making! The pies are baking, the potatoes are mashing, but someone is missing... log in now to see what you can do for Thankstaking!


MechQuest - Sci-Fi Browser RPG

Traveler updates!

  • More items for all!
    • You asked so we listened! The Traveler is having his inventory upgraded! New levels of his items that need them are being added! 
  • Turkageddon is almost here. Will you be ready?

Battle On!

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