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Wow! New Browser Game Releases on Nov. 14!

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AdventureQuest Worlds - MMORPG

Harvest Fest Meets Hunger Games in AQWorlds

Login this weekend to battle through the Extinction Games! When machines develop a taste for heroism, more than just your life is on the line: you're going to need to keep your wits AND your blade sharp, because humanity is on the menu for these mechanical monsters!

  • Save mankind from the rise of the machines as you survive the Extinction Games

  • Take on the high-level challenge bosses once you’ve completed the event for extra rewards

  • Unlock the Draconic DoomKnight armor when you buy the 2000, 5000, or 12000 AC packages!


AdventureQuest - Fantasy Browser RPG 

Aria's Petshop!

  • Something seems a bit off regarding Aria's pets lately. Maybe it's their diet?
  • Perhaps, if you went out and searched for some essential snacks that Aria can give them they would feel like themselves again!
  • Meaning updated and new pets and weapons are coming to Aria's Shop this week!


OverSoul  - Battle Card MMO 

If You've Supported Oversoul, get our 2nd Upholder Void! 

New Characters:

  • 2nd Upholder Void
  • Turkonian ( Evolutions Next Week )


DragonFable - Adventure RPG

Dark Tower

  • Thursday is gone... and her ancient ancestor in the Darkness Tower might hold the clues for where she is! 

  • Log in now to face Frydae and try to find Thursday!


HeroSmash - Super Hero 2D MMO

This week in HeroSmash!

  • Help us test the newly update Phonebooth at the Park
  • Happy Veteran's Day and Remembrance Day!


MechQuest - Sci-Fi Browser RPG

Turkageddon Rises!

  • Gobble Gobble!
    • Turkageddon is upon us once more! Speak to Mr. Z in Soluna Main tonight to replay the events of past years!
    • New levels of all old items are in the replay shops!

Battle On!

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undeadarti: AQWorlds: Is it just me, or is the doom knight in the picture looking EXACTLY like the macabre Sepulchure in the Friday the 31st event? AQ: Um... Just what exactly do you mean by different? Oversoul: RAINBOWTHEUS IS IN THE BACKGROUND!!!!! But what is he wearing? Dragonfable: Anyone else feeling déjà vu? Herosmash: Wait, phone booths are newly evented in HeroSmash? MechQuest: OPERA MOGLIN!!!
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Primerose05: Doesn't matter, wait... opera Moglin? That's just random.XD.