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New Halloween Events in Free RPG & MMO Games!

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AdventureQuest Worlds - MMORPG

Voltaire’s Mogloween: Friday the 31st

Voltaire titillates and terrifies with stories from the late, great Edgar Allen Poe, but you’ve got to find the tales before he can read them! Battle to GET the texts… then battle THROUGH these stories of treachery and supernatural dread! Battle your way through the House of Crusher, the Cask of Amoglinado, and The Wyvern as Voltaire takes you on a journey through one of the darkest minds to ever pen a Poe-m!

  • Battle through three terrifying tales: the House of Crusher, the Cask of Amoglinado, and The Wyvern

  • Find the rare Dark Raven and Masque of the Red Death armor sets in the Event Hub

  • Lycan Class is now available for 2000 AdventureCoins or Rank 10 Lycan Rep from Voltaire

  • Level 65 Enhancements are now in their shops


EpicDuel  - Real Time PVP MMO


  • Halloween loot drop:
  • Bone Hazard Armor available at Snork
  • Coffinzooka suggestion item by player Reki available at Snork.
  • Paladin Armor designed by G00ny available at Titan.


  • Check out even more seasonal rares at Rabblefroth!

Holiday Power Weekend

  • Double XP and Credits all weekend long!


AdventureQuest - Fantasy Browser RPG 


  • It’s that time of year running door-to-door in the hopes you find candy and not some creature of the night!
  • Also don’t miss all the fun player faces coming to Warlic’s Shop!
  • There will also be an amazing Pumpking Overlord armor coming to the Limited-Time Shop!

The Dollmaker part 2

  • Everything has been turned upside down!
  • The town of Battleon has grown slightly cold, though from the weather or the mood, no one can really tell.
  • The Dollmaker's tent is a bustle of excitement from children running in and out, but... is that only children running in and out?
  • Where are the adults?

November Z-Token Package - Griffin pet!

  • A new bonus item that comes with our 20,000 Z-Token package!
  • This pet can clear the battlefield with mighty gusts of wind!


OverSoul  - Battle Card MMO

The Great Mystery Halloween Monster!

  • Character Release:

    • Void Archmage
    • Night Stalker
    • ???


DragonFable - Adventure RPG

Creepy Girls Candy

  • Since the mysterious intruder was never caught, it's candy time!
  • The Cauldron Sisters have already started delivering the candy to everyone and it's time to go get that bag of candy you promised Ash. 


HeroSmash - Super Hero 2D MMO

PumpCon 2014 Continues

  • PumpCon returns once again with some new fun Costumes!
  • Get your PumpCon Badge (if you not have already!)
  • PumpCon badge will later become a badge shop with special treats (Future Release)


MechQuest - Sci-Fi Browser RPG

Rescuing Shelly!

  • Can you hope to defeat the Horseman and save Shelley?
  • A familiar hideout and many answers await, IF you can defeat him!
  • Log in Friday night for two quests and some spooky new rewards!

Battle On!

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WingBane: I am so excited for Blade's Lycan Class! First thing I;m doing is buying it! Heck! I'm going to play the release in the set!
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DreadThief: That doomknight armor is going to be obtainable right? Will it be an almost impossible quest like BLoD or Sepulchures armor? Hope not.
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Riash: super excited to buy the new gear *-* Battle on!
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Inanitas: Woo!
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indonesian: true strory
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Primerose05: ... dragon fable.... scared me to hell D: AND I AM 14!
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