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Happening Now: Play New Video Game Releases!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

Blood and Blades: Battle for the Vampire Throne

The time has come to choose a successor for Queen Safiria, ruler of Darkovia's vampires. Fight for the Vampire YOU want to take the Vampire Throne; your support will make the difference between ruling… and being banished back to the shadows of obscurity. Once you’ve battled, speed over to Battleon to get your gauntlets on Dage’s DeathRider bike set, available until October 24th!

  • Vote with your blade to help choose the next ruler of Darkovia’s vampires!

  • Find Dage in Battleo to check out his DeathRider Bike shop! Availabie until October 24th!

  • 6th birthday gift: 200 free ACs If you’ve logged in within the last 30 days and are level 10+!


Epic Duel 

Dage's Deathrider

  • Dage's Deathrider, a limited quantity bike, is coming to EpicDuel available at Dage the Evil's Delta V avatar!

Harvest Styles

  • 12 new styles designed by Bidoof are now available!



Ode to Seasons!

  • Somewhere in the universe, there is a festival celebrating a person's introduction into the world.
  • And in that place, pastries, ice cream, giftboxen and decorations will signify that someone special was in the room.
  • And, then, on top of it all, the people gathered there will sing a song in honour of that person.
  • Now, that world isn't Lore and that place isn't Yulgar's Inn. But, we do know of a song that celebrates the wonders of the four seasons!
  • Also don’t miss the Maple Leaf Storm spell coming to the Limited-Time shop! Only here for 2 weeks!

October Golden Giftboxes - Minotaur Pet and Samurai Armor!

  • Become an honorable Samurai! Slash down your enemies with a powerful 2-hit attack or cause a massive fissure with your stomp!
  • A hybrid of man and beast, a Minotaur possesses incredible brute strength and ferocity and is often employed as a guardian of wealth. Y’know with the giant axe and stuff...



Halloween Seasonal Release this Friday!

  • 10 Seasonal Rares!
  • Character Release:
    1. Zombie
    2. Zombie Mutant
    3. Sprout
    4. Pumpkinlord
    5. Abber Outcast
    6. Condemned
    7. Abberant
    8. Abomination
    9. Headless Hollow
    10. Headless Horseman

Game Update

  • TLAPD Rares leaving next week!



The Locket 

  • A mysterious gift has appeared in Thursday's room... but who sent it?



Talk Like a Pirate Day Shop Ending!

  • Last set of Talk Like a Pirate Day items have come get before they gone!
  • Next: PumpCON!



Mortis Orbits Back Around! 

  • Planet Mortis circles back around within reach, bringing the opportunity to revisit the past.
  • It's time to catch up on events from the past and pick up seasonal rare equipment!
  • This is the buildup to Mogloween's new content coming at the end of the month!

Battle On!

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