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Happening Now: New Video Game Updates in October

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AdventureQuest Worlds

AQWorlds’ 6th Upholder and Sentinel Class

AQWorlds' 6th birthday is next week at and that means we are once again offering the chance to become an AQW Upholder! Unlock the Sentinel Class, armor set, and 2 star swords when you upgrade in October!

  • Head to MystCroft and talk to the Cauldron Sisters to battle through the first 6 years’ of Mogloween releases!

  • Link your AQWorlds account to Facebook for increased account security and faster logins!

  • 25% EXP and Rep boosts on Legend servers and 10% EXP boost on ALL servers!

  • Unlock Naval Commander Class for AdventureCoins or gold (if you have an upgraded account)!


Epic Duel 

Waves of Wrath Aftermath

  • You may have defeated the pirates, but there's still loot to be had! Experience a new supplemental mission chain from Ishmael the Treasure Hunter to unearth the Naval Yard's hidden bounty!

Saber Swords

  • Follow us on Twitters? There's a better reason than ever because we'll be issuing new codes from Twitter offering an array of Saber Swords over the weekend and throughout the week! Can you collect all the colors?



Annual Mastercraft Set!

  • Captain Rhubarb is perplexed. Ships are disappearing. People are going missing.
  • Shipments and hauls are either late, gone or never had a chance to be picked up.
  • For Captain Rhubarb, this is unacceptable, yet there is no explanation.
  • And then, one day, the explanation came...
  • Taken from the pages of Gaelic mythology; quest for awesome gear like Claimh Solais, Sea Druid, Badb Catha plus many more!



Oktoberfest Release!

Character Release:

  • Auguster Vet
  • Auguster Master
  • Bavaria Vet
  • Bavaria Master



Blood Patrol

  • Magus Neron has a very important task that he can only trust to a hero... 
  • Someone not afraid of werewolves, vampires, or curses! Which is YOU! 
  • Will you head out on one of the Blood Patrols that protects the walls of Amityvale? 
  • All the creatures of the night that lurk in the shadows of the woods are waiting for you....



Coming soon: AE Anniversary!

  • Special 'Epic' item will drop for a limited time along with a special item create by Dage the Evil
    • 'Epic' items are rare items that have same features as member items and are usable by free players! 



After The Reset

  • The long awaited new main storyline begins
    • Log in tonight to play through the events that happen after "The Reset" and discover an all new enemy!
    • Get a brand new Mecha to celebrate! Next week it will be replaced with a different model, so get it while you can!

Battle On!

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