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Headstrong into the Weekend with New Game Releases!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

Deep Terror: Death From Below

Battle the Groggageddon and its monstrous minions as the Deep Terror war between the Naval Commanders and Pirates comes to a catastrophic close! Who will win control of Lolosia for the next year? That’s up to you!  This Friday, log into your account manager to check the all-new Achievement Tracker, with 45 badges and 150 all-new items to unlock!

  • Look in the Achievements tab in your Book of Lore to see which of the 45 new badges and 150+ new items you’ve unlocked!

  • More gear in Quibble’s shop, including two bank pets!

  • A new opponent enters the Lolosia conflict… and changes the course of the war!

  • Unlock Naval Commander Class for AdventureCoins or gold (if you have an upgraded account)!


Epic Duel 

Waves of Wrath Part 3

  • The terrors of the deep finally surface in the West Naval Yard! Join the forces of good against Captain Shoggoth's pirate army and stop the mysterious beast he plans on unleashing upon Delta V!

Boss Bonanza

  • Battle not one, but TWO new bosses with collectible achievements!

Prepare for War!

  • With so many Legion and Exile forces converging in one area, war is inevitable. The West Naval Yard with become the latest hot zone in the ongoing alignment War. Battle for dominance and new prizes as soon as the update goes live!

New Kartherax Gear

  • Complement your Kartherax gear with Kartherax-themed sidearms and auxiliaries!

More Styles

  • Dress for the high seas with 24 news styles!

More Home Items

  • Deck out your cabin with the finest nautical decor with over 30 new home items!



White Washed Walls!

  • The Changeling has sent word that he needs to talk to you, that he has new information.
  • So dust off that Truphma disguise and get ready to return to the White City!

October Z-Token package - Gambler's Blade!

  • Replaces Pet Leeches as the bonus item that comes with the 7500 Z-token package
  • With a spin of the slots this powerful weapon can land on 1 of 5 special attacks!



Unleash the Captain Hook inside you!

Character Release:

  • Gamma Pirate
  • Alpha Void Pirate ( Male )
  • Beta Void Pirate ( Male )
  • Beta Pirate ( Female )



Shear Destruction

  • The rose's army will soon be upon us. Help Leon fight back and prove to all that the they are far from invincible. 



E-Z Changers!

  • New features coming this weekend allowing you to make changes to your characters!
  • Nova Gem interface good for a single use (you may purchase them repeatedly)  will arrive between now and Monday - one to change character name, one to change gender, and one to change House affiliation
  • Star Captains: a Starship Item is on the production line that will give you an easy way to untrain and retrain your character stats! 

Battle On!

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bossofmagic: You know, I know that right now the gravelyn champion set is kind of a substitute for that, but I'm a bit disappointed nothing was added to the beta tester shop.
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