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Talk Like a Pirate Day Video Game Releases!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

Deep Terror: Death From Below

Tidal waves of rage are flooding the streets of Lolosia this weekend for Talk Like a Pirate Day! As Naval Commanders rally their crews for war, pirates from all seven seas are massing for an attack on Lolosia, and they aren’t content to keep the battle abovewater! Defeat the Dread Fleet, or face death from below!

  • Quibble arrives with the DoomKnight and Brilliant Naval Commanders and

  • Unlock Naval Commander Class for AdventureCoins or gold (if you have an upgraded account)!

  • Choose to fight for or against the Dread Pirate Fleet in the Naval Commander vs Pirate war!

  • Explore Lolosia and the lands beyond as you search for hidden treasure!

  • Complete Captain Rhubarb’s quiz to prove you are not a spy, but beware: if you answer incorrectly, you’ll be tossed overboard into battle!


Epic Duel 

Waves of Wrath Promotion

  • Today, we're unveiling not one but TWO Waves of Wrath promotional packages. For a limited time, get Kartherax's Darkspawn bot, Kartherax's Reaper scythe, and Kartherax's Destroyer mutating weapon in either physical or energy flavors! 

The bots come with the Curse of Kartherax core that replaces the target's primary weapon with useless fish. The mutating weapon and scythe come with the Deep Plague core which implants a lethal plague on the target. The spore grow in power until they're detonated with another strike from the attacker.

The Quest Begins!

  • There's big trouble in the Naval Yard! Talk to Big Tuna to find the cause of the mysterious events surrounding the arrival of villainous pirates and horrific mutant squid beasts! Big prizes await those brave enough to explore the depths of this dark, aquatic tale.

New Armors!

  • Check out Thalyssa's shop for new First Mate armors!

Prize Code

  • Follow our Twitter accounts for an awesome new prize code item to come shortly after the release goes live!



Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  • Think ye have what it takes to call yourself a pirate?
  • Captain Rhubarb will test ye mettle with his Pirate Quiz!
  • Answer wrong, and ye be thrown overboard to the briny deep.
  • Answer 20 questions correctly and you'll unlock Rhubarb's special shop featuring many new rewards!
  • PLUS a new Rare Item Hunt for all you treasure-seeking buccanners!

September Golden Giftboxes - Squidge Pet/Guest & Inferno Scepter!

  • Squidge is a horrible tentacled abomination. Luckily, it's only a baby, so it less 'destroying reality when the stars align' and more 'crushing your foes in a huggle'.
  • Inferno Scepter can roast your enemies with 3 different spells!



TLAPD is coming to AQW and OS!

Character Release:

  • Void Pirate ( Male and Female )
  • Gamma Pirate
  • Beta Pirette



The Quest for More Booty

Sail the seas in search of booty! Mazurek and Rhubarb are fighting for the title of Greatest Pirate Captain, choose your side and help with the quest for more booty!




  • RARE 'Golden Cutlass of Glory' now in shop!



Yer Piratical Name!

Captain Rhubarb has come to Soluna City to invite you on a cruise!

  • New mission for ye! Battle pirates, haul in yer seasonal rare weapons an' slash the scallywags with new E-blades.
  • Star Captains: check the SC Club Mecha Shop for the new Psychic Wing-P mecha with exciting new specials and scalability! 

Battle On!

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