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It’s Your Destiny: Play New RPG and MMO Game Releases on September 12

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AdventureQuest Worlds

Survive the Apocalypse: Hunt for the Watchers

The Queen of Monsters has risen, and as your allies take stock of the destruction around them, you receive a mysterious scroll from a shadowy organization calling themselves “The Council.” Loremaster Maya cannot say who it is from, only that you MUST discover where they are hiding are as soon as possible… and that if you can decipher its hidden message, the scroll will guide you.

  • As the world shatters, battle through Lore to find the people who will help you save it!

  • Dage’s Deep Terror Blade and Collaboration shop are available in your game menu!

  • Aranx’s birthday shop will be available for the next week.



Dragon War: Platinum!

  • The platinum dragons have risen.
  • Ancient experiments. Weapons of War.
  • Living beings manipulated by the darkest and most fell nation this world has ever known!
  • Also this is the final week to grab your Summer themed gear before it goes rare!

National Videogames Day + Bonus Gold/Xp weekend!

  • In addition to 10% extra Gold/XP all weekend - play Adventure Quest on Friday the 12th to earn yourself 1000 free Z-Tokens!


Epic Duel 

Waves of Wrath

  • Yarrrr! Avast ye landlubbers and prepare for an invasion! The shores of the Delta V West Naval Yard are being stormed by scurvy sea dogs serving a dark master. 
  • Can you unravel the mystery of these peculiar pirates and reveal the true horror that lies beneath the waves? Find out this Friday!

Booty and Balance

  • Explore the newly redesigned Naval Yard and investigate the mysterious invasion. The Naval Guard Thalyssais attempting to restore order, but the renegade Captain Shoggothand his band of pirates are attempting to claim to shore for their own dark purpose. 
  • Stock up with new Naval Guard Armors available from Thalyssa in the Naval Yard.
  • Also, we've done a massive balance pass and have made some major adjustments. A full list of changes will be available in the patch notes.

Talk Like a Pirate Returns

  • Big Tuna is restocked with classic TLaPD items! Find her in the Naval Yard to check out her inventory of nautical loot.

Pirate Styles

  • Talk like a pirate and LOOK like a pirate. We're introducing 24 new pirate styles (4 for each class and gender). 

Pirate Decor

  • Over 15 new pirate and nautical-themed home items!



TLAPD is coming so be ready to get your Void Pirate in AQW and OS!

Character Release coming next week:

  • Void Pirate
  • Gamma Pirate
  • Beta Pirette



Longing & Proper

  • Go talk to Mritha in Sulen’eska to play the cutscene prologue to the Third Level of Espina Rosa. 
  • Also, Verlyrus the boxcat has a proper quest for you this time! 



Fixing Gray!

  • It's time to return the color!
  • The color needs to be returned to Soluna! Part 2 of the long awaited Going Gray quest!

Battle On!

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