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A September to Remember: New Game Releases and Exclusive $100 Promotion

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AdventureQuest Worlds

Legendary Heroes: BeastMaster Class Conquest

Monsters are rising up across Lore, taking advantage of the Chaos running wild. Faith, one of Lore’s most skilled BeastMasters, is searching for help to battle them into submission. She is calling all Legends to accept her quest to become a Legendary BeastMaster, and the fight to become the best begins this weekend! All of Lore’s heroes should venture into the Underworld to begin the Lord of the Forgotten Tomb’s gear quests!

  • BeastMaster Class releases for Legends

  • Lord of the Forgotten Tombs’ gear and quests

  • Brasil Independence Day shop

  • MEGA-bonus quest for everyone who has unlocked Drakath’s Armor quest



Seed Spitter Quest!

  • One of the most ancient quests in AQ gets a whole new look!
  • Relive an epic battle between Rilithia and The Mawler.
  • Plus the Drakel Black Market gets many items updated! 

September Z-Token package - Doom Knight Armaments!

  • Doom Knight's Blade is wielded by Doom Knights, powerful warriors that command necrotic forces.  When facing Undead enemies, this weapon will deal massive damage as though the foe were weak to Darkness! Click the blade to swap between Melee and Magic damage!
  • Doom Knight Shield is carried by Doom Knights! It provides great Darkness resistance, and will strike back at foes that damage you!



Prison Brawl

  • Only the strong can hope to make it on to the Elite Patrol of Espina Rosa. Are you strong enough to withstand Sofist’s wrath and join the Elite Patrol?



M.A.T.H. Class!

  • All-new back-to-school mission!
  • There's a homework assignment you'll need to complete. Access it via the Soluna City Main sidebar button. There's a nice E-blade reward if you can complete i

Battle On!

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Rabosta: I think beast master's a little too hard to get I think it should be from a quest for killing a boss like shurpu 20 times in a row or please make the rep rewards from the quests higher because Dbsk was hard to get but this is gonna take days so please make it the reps are higher
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DreadThief: Whats the MEGA quest? IS it something that is hidden or not added yet?
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