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Labor Day Means Time to Play the Latest Artix Entertainment Game Releases!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

3 Lords of Chaos: Queen of Monsters Rising

Journey into the Realm of Chaos to confront the Queen of Monsters and face all 13 Lords of Chaos one last time… as the world begins to shatter around you! There is only one thing you can do to save your home and the people who depend on you: defeat Drakath and confine the Queen of Monsters to the Chaos Realm for another millenium! The fate of the world rests on the single, most important choice you will EVER make, Hero!

  • 13 Lords of Chaos Saga Finale: Into the Realm of Chaos

  • Gryphon Rider Limited Quantity Shop

  • 13 pets and weapons drop from the Chaos Lords

  • Double Rep, XP, Class Points, and Gold boosts on ALL servers


Epic Duel 

Dragon's Destruction Arcade! 

  • New Dragon's Destruction ArcadeBot found near The Slayer! Win never-before-seen dragon items while you rank up a new Arcade achievement and climb the Arcade leaderboard!

Dragonslayers Unite!

  • Over 25 new items, including limited quantity armors and seasonal rares!

Dragon Styles

  • You've got the equipment, now you'll have the style! Choose from over 18 new Dragonslayer styles (3 for each class and gender) to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies!



Warlic shop update!

  • Many spells in Warlic's shop get a fresh look with new tiering!
  • The powerful Doom Knight and Dark Sepulcher Armors have finally arrived in the Z-Token shop!
  • Also don’t miss the Ninja Flyrtle pets in the Limited-Time Shop!

September Z-Token package - Doom Knight Armaments!

  • Doom Knight's Blade is wielded by Doom Knights, powerful warriors that command necrotic forces.  When facing Undead enemies, this weapon will deal massive damage as though the foe were weak to Darkness! Click the blade to swap between Melee and Magic damage!
  • Doom Knight Shield is carried by Doom Knights! It provides great Darkness resistance, and will strike back at foes that damage you!




  • This week, you will be able to visit new, fortified Amityvale, a town protected by the Rose from vampires and werewolves!



DraginConquest Scepter!

  • Dragon*Con Commemorative Weapon Shop!
    • Open the shop in Soluna Main for the "Imitation" version of the commemorative Back Arm weapon that is being given out to Dragon*Con attendees! 
    • You can also pick up the "Imitation" versions of the front arm and head weapon from the past.
  • Dragon*Con! 
    • Are you at Dragon*Con? Be sure to sign up with Ash to get your "Genuine" souvenir DragonConquest Scepter. 
    • Also look for Lyris and ACW0 for MQ-themed magnetics.
  • Chaosawa!
    • Visit HeroMart at to pick up the brand new ChaosLords poster coming out this weekend, and you will get the exclusive Chaosawa mecha to go with it!

Battle On!

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Quartz563: they all look fun to play but the one im most looking forward to is the aqw finale but I don't know about the '3 lords of chaos' at the top there?
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Fife M
Fife M: "There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountain tops of our desires." -Nelson Mandela. I cannot wait for the releases! So happy... and in suspense!
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sushikuts: Beleen! this is crazy
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Kylestien: Hey, I don't know who reads these comments (And I would like to get a reply saying who does if possible) but do you mind if I ask a question? I was thinking of ways to promote OS and I recall a official AE tournament was made. The important thing is that (As far as I know)the code to make official tournaments is still in game and would not require coders to make work. (Feel free to correct me on this though if that is not the case) So I was wondering if it would be possible to make a OS Tournament, publicize it on some of the other game's DN's, and hold it with a grand prize, maybe some currency in a game of their choice or a NPC in the games or something. Heck, in fact, since most of the forgotten games have some sort of PVP system, why not make it a inter game thing with a catagory winner, second and third place for each forgotten game? Aside from prize money, it does not require cost to promote or run, it does not require valuable coder time (Far as I know), it gets people into these games some of who may say, and in short is a good way to promote them without having to do much work on them. The only thing I could see being a issue is organisation and the issue of high vs low levels. In OS you could end up with level 20's vs level 1's and that may turn people off, so it might be good to suggest people use lower leveled guys to encourage more players, though I'm not sure how this would be enforced. Anyway, thank you for your time and I would love to hear your thoughts on it since i am given to understand staff run these comments sections.
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dan12345678910: You could put a lvl cap
dan12345678910: Just beat aqw chaos saga today (8/30/14) and I'm only 35 yay
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dan12345678910: Lvl 35
Eastan: Hey Beleen Can u add More Drakath items drops Like Blade of Chaos ,drakath sword too small and i want Huge sword please add beleen :) AQW
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Eastan: It Black on Foot in Drakath armor pls Fix it Beleen aqw !
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