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New RPG and MMO Game Releases Happening Now on August 22

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AdventureQuest Worlds

13 Lords of Chaos: The Final Battle

This weekend: The Final Battle against Drakath BEGINS!! The time has come to face Drakath… and END Chaos’ reign upon Lore once and for all. Face Drakath and his minions in a multi-stage boss fight which will leave your world scarred but, if you succeed, FREE from the Champion of Chaos and the Queen of Monsters!

  • Multi-stage boss fight with unlockable endings spanning 17 cutscenes and 6 maps

  • Chaos Champion Prime set (12 items!) in the Chaos Rares Shop

  • MORE Nulgath gear this Friday

  • Begin the HARDEST quest in AQWorlds to unlock Drakath's Armor

  • Ultra Drakath Group Battle

  • The Wheels of Doom and Destiny leave this Saturday


Epic Duel 

Dragon Weapons Return!

  • Dragon and Charbinger weapons have returned to the Slayer in the Barrens!

Power Weekend

  • Double Credits and XP all weekend long!



Moglin Forest!

  • Twilly's home in the Moglin Forest has been overrun with monsters!
  • Clear the forest and make Twilly’s home safe again and earn yourself some very awesome rewards!

August Golden Giftboxes - Twilly Armor, MageSoul, and SeaSaw!

  • Twilly armor has powerful healing magic!
  • MageSoul summons the spirit of an ancient wizard to blast your foes!
  • SeaSaw is from the winner of the Golden Developer Ticket and will become a permanent rare drop!



You have won the War at the Core!

  • The town of Ravenloss is safe from the void influence!
  • Explore the new, un-voided town today!"



Void Mage and AQW Frost Dragon!

  • Watch for the release of the AQW characters below in the coming weeks.
  • Void Mage will get a Legend form soon: Void Archmage!

AQW Character Release Winners:

  • Chaos Drakath 
  • Frost Dragon ( Releasing! )
  • Grimlord 
  • Doomknight 
  • Vordred 
  • Gressil



Summer Shop (Seasonal) Continues

  • Summer is almost over but still more items to come!
  • This week new shades heart and star (also CC versions) will be added to shop!



The Trimming of the Beards!

  • Conclusion of the epic beard quest chain!
  • Talk to Parma John in Soluna Main to finally put an end to the spread of the beards! 
  • You might even find out who gave the DJ that song!

Battle On!

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