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DragonSlayer’s Challenge this Friday Night at the Coliseum

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Dragon Slayer's Challenge

Dragon Slayer's Challenge Nulgath Rares

DragonSlayer’s Challenge

Nulgath Rares

Can you slay the toughest dragons in Lore… or will they slay you?

  • Defeat the 13 hardest dragons @ Battleon Coliseum
  • 3 Dragon Armor Sets in DragonSlayer’s Merge Shop
  • 10 Dragon Battle Pets, including Beleen’s Pink Undead Dracolich!

Equip your most powerful gear and storm headstrong into the Coliseum for Lore’s most anticipated Dragon Slaying event!

Everyone’s favorite ArchFiend Nulgath has unleashed his most powerful items!

  • ArchMage of Nulgath armor
  • Void Warlord of Nulgath armor
  • Duchess of the Chaos Year armor

Get your Nulgath gear and become the ArchFiend’s best friend.

Battleon! Nulgath Spoilers
Ultimate Game Card Dragon Slayer Awards

Critical: Ultimate Game Card

Vote: Dragon Slayer Awards

Now is your LAST chance to get the Ultimate Game Card!

  • Available at 7-11, Walmart, Best Buy, and more
  • Card is carried @ other stores & many other countries
  • Full Legend membership benefits
  • Get the Ultimate Game Claymore when you upgrade w/the UGC!

HURRY - because the UGC is going RARE this Friday August 15th and will never be offered again.

Cast your vote in the Dragon Slayer Awards!

  • Most Passionate Fan Base: AdventureQuest Worlds
  • Community Manager of the Year: Beleen
  • Best Community Management Team: Artix Entertainment
  • Most Engaged Design or Dev Team: AdventureQuest Worlds

Help us win the coveted Dragon Slayer Trophy! If we prove victorious, then everyone will win a new Dragon Slayer Armor Set in AQWorlds!

Nearest UltimateGame Card Vote Now!
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Chicken3000: Does this mean that there will be no Chaos release this week?
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thewarden: Yay nulgath items:)
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Ordovic: almost all nulgath items are for legends or AC's and the ones that aren't, are lame or reused, the only things that are worth it are the ones of the dragonslayer merge and even so that would be fine for a midweek release... but i suppose i can't blame any of you for this, after all is been a though week but at least try to put more non-legend stuff in nulgath's quests, they are already super hard to get at least be fair with that sort of things.
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