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It’s 8/8… Let’s Celebrate with Great MMO and RPG Game Releases!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

13th Lord of Chaos: Shadowfall Attacks

Chaos rages high above the DoomSkull plains, as the Dracolich Castle and the Skyguard's ships fill the sky.  The time has come for Empress Gravelyn and the Shadowscythe to attack Drakath in the heart of his realm!  Meanwhile, in the Underworld, YOU face the battle of your life... against Death himself!

  • Fight for your life as you battle towards your fight against Death while Gravelyn attacks Drakath!

  • Infernal Warrior, IShadowscythe’s Light sets, and Blockbuster Battle gear are all in your game menu!

  • Hunt through Yokai for our Blockbuster battle gear or find Guardans of the Galaxy gear in the MQLesson zone!


Epic Duel 

Infernal War 2.0

  • Prepare to brave the Infernal Mines for the next phase of the War 2.0 cycle! Collect bombs and beacons to subdue the opposition and claim your reward!

New Missions

  • Enjoy new mission chains created by guest writers One Winged Angel and Trans that explore the backstories of Raymus and Naomi!



Seeking Silence!

  • Silence requests your help to restore balance in her and the Boatman's realm.
  • There is an individual in Lore who is desperately trying to expire before his time.
  • The person continuously pushes the realm to accept him, when it is not meant to be.
  • You must seek out this person and learn why he so desperately wants to go before his time.

Dellie Blaze spell!

  • Make sure to visit and pick up your Dellie Plushie!
  • You’ll receive a special code to get the awesome Dellie Blaze spell in Aq!



Leanie from VerteRoche needs your help to gather ingredients for dinner; a good chance for you to have a taste of the famous Verteroche cuisine!

Also happening this week: the introduction of Artifacts!

  • Incredibly rare items that, when equipped, will change the mechanics of certain classes. 
  • Learn more from this Friday's DF DesignNotes!



Coming to a Cosplay near you!

  • Visit the cosplay shop at Mega Movie Plex for the Mozilla Head Morph!



Confront the DJ!

  • Continue the epic beard quest chain!
    • Talk to Parma John in Soluna Main to finally meet the DJ, Wolfman Jack!
  • Maegwyn's Birthday!
    • Celebrate Maegwyn's birthday with an extra 20% Exp and Credits from all battles this weekend!
    • Check out the Staff Birthday shop in Soluna tonight to get her Shiny Pan E-blades AND an Otteriffic Head weapon!

Battle On!

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Darkscanner: Amazing to see everything is still getting regular updates! Even Hero Smash and Mech Quest :o
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Kingmack33: Woooohooooo,the Releases looks like it's gonna be so much fun. Wish that you guys would compose a longer story-line but looks like fun. I will be paying it for the est of the day after the timing of thee release. -AE ALL DAY
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Lelouch2411: The AQWorlds is so coooool!!!
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defender_of_light: I have seen on the homepeage of aqw that fridays release will be some kind of Coliseum challenge; but I thought that it was going to be "the last confrontation" as it says in the design notes. Why are you making a release that has nothing to do with the last weeks release? - PS. Im really enjoing the story so far you guys are doing a really good job and the animations were great, I never thought that a 2d game could be so 3d-like! 10/10
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