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August 1, 2014 Artix Game Releases!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

13th Lord of Chaos: Shadowfall Rises

Empress Gravelyn has watched the Alliance crumble and Chaos spread like a plague across her world... and she is DONE preparing!

This Friday, she is readying for the first step in her assault on Mount DoomSkull - raising Shadowfall, her dracolich fortress!  She will need help from all who wish to defeat Chaos! Will you stand by her side?

  • Fight for your life as you battle through Death’s Realm to help Gravelyn!

  • Find the Living Shadows Rares shop with the Infernal Caladbolg and Living Shadow Assassin sets!

  • Next Wednesday: login for the Gaurdians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Yokai Kappa shop and item hunt!

  • The Wheel of Doom leaves August 23rd; make sure to get your last spins in before it goes rare for good!


Epic Duel 

Titan's Triumph:

  • Celebrate Titan's Birthday with the new Titan's Triumph arcade game, featuring the latest epic creations from our guest artist team!

 Home Items:

  •  Liven up your home decor with Gold, Silver, and Bronze Titan Statues!

 New Challengers:

  •  Rise to the challenge and battle the not-so-pacifist Naomi and Raymus to claim their achievements!



Fern Bully!

  • Angel could use your help!
  • There are rumors of a strange animal in the forest destroying all of the plantlife that the Nekos desperately need to make their medicines!
  • This week, trek into the forest to save the plants!
  • And to help prepare you for this quest, the Neko Nursery is being stocked up with even more equipment! 

20K Z-Token bonus - Maul of Sinmaw!

  • The Maul of Snimaw can shift between a Melee Warhammer form and a Magic Mace form by clicking on the head of the weapon.
  • When clicking the handle, it will instead transform you into the mighty Voltaic Eel, Sinmaw!



Two seals are broken, doors are open, Tomix charges onwards to face Aspar. 

  • Meanwhile, Vaal is strolling through dark corridors, looking for an exit. 
  • Play as one and only Vaal in this week’s release and discover where this long, ominous corridor leads!



Summer Shop continues

New cosplay items coming soon

New HS staff page!



 The Big Bad Beard!

  • Continue the epic beard quest chain!
    • Talk to Parma John in Soluna Main to find out more about the beards that are springing up all over! 

Battle On!

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Kingmack33: Can't wait to that Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Yokai Kappa shop. I wanna see what AE parody sets you guys come out with this time. I really love the crazy version to the star wars set you guys came out with. This one should be funny.
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