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RPG AdventureQuest

  • Huge Update!
    • Defeat the Chaos Knight in The Void and gain access to brand new rewards!
    • Including Chaos Knight Armor, Axe, and Spell!
    • Many older shield will be updated with a new look and tiering!
    • Also don’t miss the Lil Pyro pet Healing Spells in the Limited-Time Shop!
  • July Golden Giftboxes - Dunamis Guest and Zandor weapon series!
    • The winged moglin Dunamis can boost the damage of your Melee attacks!
    • Zandor series features 7 different, powerful blades!
  • Loyalty Bonus!
    • Log in and play 20 out of the 31 days in July and win 2000 Z-Tokens!


OverSoul PvP Card MMO

  • Griffon Master Evolution!
  • Character Release:
    • Young Griffon Master Evolution
  • Coming Soon:
    • AQW Characters and Monster poll
    • Vote for the AQW characters and monsters you want to see imported to Oversoul!


MMO AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Play as young King Alteon to experience the beginning of Drakath’s road to Chaos!
  • Confront Drakath in Battleon once the Battleon war meter hits 100%!
  • Talk to Twilly in Battleon to access the Summer 2014 Token shop!
  • Saturday night: Find the Flaming Head helm in the game menu!
  • Upgrade or purchase select AC packages to unlock the Forsaken Warlock tier package


PvP MMO EpicDuel

Lionhart Aftermath

Last week you took a stand against Lionhart and, though we posed a great challenge, you were able to defeat him. To date, little over 300 duelists have earned the Kingslayer achievement. We designed Lionhart to be the toughest boss yet, but it looks like the best of the best rose to the occasion! Congratulations on this epic achievement!

Thanks to the events of the final mission, the mission chain will be repeatable for those who aren't quite powerful enough to take on the king.


This week, as a palette cleanser for the exciting, but challenging Lionhart missions, we're introducing 2 new missions created by guest writer One Winged Angel! Talk to Valestra a Habuki in Fortune City to complete their tasks and claim your rewards!


This week, the Chaos Lords poster goes live in Heromart. Buying this epic poster will earn you the Chaos Dragonslayer Sword P/E in EpicDuel, along with awesome chaotic weapons in other AE games!


MechQuest RPG

  • Chaos Crusher Mecha
    • Crush your enemies with sheer chaos!
    •    Pick up the Chaos Crusher mecha in Soluna City Main 
  • Hoodies from HeroMart: Panda Head Weapon!
    • If you grab one of the new hoodies when they arrive at HeroMart, you will get the MechQuest Pandah head weapon! 

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Lelouch2411: The boss battle with Drakath in Battleon was easy but the disconnection was a big deal pls fix it.
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Fife M
Fife M: I feel so much darkness within me... So much TIME has lapsed, so much more I have seen, so much I have felt. I almost do not remember the TIMES before the chaos. I feel so much darkness within can only hold back so much darkness so long. Deep within myself, I feel something though. My spirit, my soul, it yearns to be free once again- yet it is held in the hand of CHAOS. There is so much darkness within me. Bring back the light! I hold back the darkness. There is so much... Is this how Artix feels? I feel so much darkness within me. -Hero, AQW
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