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Artix Games' Releases Rolling Out On 7/11!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

After last week's encounter in the Lair, the forces of the Alliance and Chaos are even hungrier for blood than ever... and the 13th Lord of Chaos LOVES the havoc being wreaked!

  • Tonight, the forces of Chaos are attacking Battleon, and ALL heroes are summoned to the fight! 
  • Choose to fight for Chaos or the Alliance in Battleon, or travel throughout Lore defeating your opponents!
    • Choose to PvP in Battleon for the Alliance or Chaos!
    • Hunt through Lore to defeat Chaos invaders and defenders!
  • New gear has been added to the Wheels of Doom and Destiny!
  • The Freedom Day and AQWorlds Cup Shops are now available!
  • Upgrade or purchase select AC packages to unlock the Forsaken Warlock tier package!


Epic Duel 

Lionhart Saga Part 3

  • Prepare for the grand finale of the Lionhart Saga! 
    • Join Revontheus and the mysterious mage Caden to smite Lionhart and his army using a terrible weapon from Delta V's past!
  • New Lionhart Weapons!
    • Visit the Lionhart Soldier (lvl 35) to collect the latest Lionhart weapons and armors from EpicDuel's talented new artists!
  • World Cup Weapons!
    • Celebrate the largest global sporting event with the World Cup Weapons offered by the Overlord Guard created by Bidoof!



Fujin Set

  • Fujin Set is getting a huge update with new weapons, shields, misc item, and pets!
  • Can you make it past the deity of the skies and claim your rewards?
  • Also don’t miss the Overcharged Healing Spells in the Limited-Time Shop 

Loyalty Bonus!

  • Log in and play 20 out of the 31 days in July and win 2000 Z-Tokens!



Void War

  • This is it. The ship has reached the Ynnungaap Core, where Envy is. 
  • Void monsters are swarming the corridors of the mysterious fortress built around the core. 
  • It seems the only way to reach Envy in time, is to defeat all of them. But it won't be easy.



Summer Shop Returns!

  • Get ready for the beach!
  • HeroSmash is now SmashCoins only for upgrades; no more memberships.
    • If you had a membership, it turned into lifetime membership in HeroSmash!
  • Fix it time! Game maintenance in progress.



 Boy Orbitson

  • Star Captains have new missions upstairs at the Star Captains Club!
    • Talk to Boy Orbitson in the Mission Room to help the Soluna City business owners. You'll get some extra experience!
  • Happy birthday, Minar!
    • To celebrate Minar's birthday, light up your battles with the Ornate Blade from the Birthday Shop in Soluna City.

Battle On!

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Kaido: Although I love the new release as a whole, especially Dragonfable's (Ravenloss Book 3 is my favourite sidequest-line yet), I really don't think that the new Attack on Battleon PVP system should be there. I always go in to it thinking: "Time to slay some fools with CHAOS!", Only to see that we are cornered, with EVERY OTHER PLAYER AS ALLIANCE, making sure no one is Chaos. It feels like a gimmick, and it should have stayed like the other World War Lore war systems.
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MalakTheAvenger: I agree with kaido, although it is a new way to do things, all the lower leveled players will just be defeated every time they get on the field.