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Red, Fight, and Blue! New Video Game Releases Happening July 4th!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

Trio of Terror: Legendary Chaos Reward Dungeons

  • The Alliance defended the Dragon’s Lair successfully, reaching 100% on the war meter less than an hour before the forces of Chaos!
  • This week, upgrade to unlock three Legend-only dungeons - the Pyramids of Pain, the Dungeon of Dire Doom, and the Killer Katacombs - and quest to get exclusive rewards that will aid you in the rest of the Chaos finale!
    • Battle your way through three Legend-only dungeons for exclusive rewards!

    • Continue the fight in /lairattack or /lairdefend to gather war medals and create new gear from the merge shop

    • Log in tomorrow, July 4th, for the Chaos Limited Quantity Shop - goes live at 12:30 PM server time

    • The Freedom Day shop launches tomorrow: fireworks and fun for all!

    • Upgrade or purchase select AC packages to unlock the Forsaken Warlock tier package


Epic Duel 


  • The war is over, but that doesn't mean the dueling is over.  
  • Battle your heart out over this holiday weekend for double XP and Credits! 
  • There's no special mission to complete or button to activate -- just log in and DUEL!
  • Power hour is scheduled to last between: July 4th 12:00am est  – July 7th Mon 12:00am EST 

Independence Day Rares Return

  • You can find them equipped to the Overlord Guard in Overlord Facility. Also, the Independence Day achievement will also be available for a limited time.



 July 4th Griffon Release!

  • Character Release:

    • Young Griffon



Transmorphers - Beast Hostilities

  • After searching through Darkovia with Suliban Filigree’s aid you were able to locate the Arena that the Transmorphers have been using for their conflict.
  • The four camps have drawn competing battlelines.
  • It will be up to you to decide which beast reign supreme!
  • Also don’t miss the Overcharged Healing Spells coming to the Limited-Time Shop

July Z-Token package - Soul/Essence Leech Pets!

  • Replaces Blood contract Misc as the bonus with the 7500 Z-Token package
  • Soul/Essence Leeches drain HP/MP from your enemies and gives it to you!

 Loyalty Bonus!

  • Log in and play 20 out of the 31 days in July and win 2000 Z-Tokens!



The Orgins of Aspar

  • Log in this week and continue where you left off, on the island inhabited by the worshippers of Pandora, and learn the truth about Aspar!



Freedom Day!

  • Freedom Day Event returns!



4th of July Chaos! 

  • Star Captains can pick up the Traveler Hologram!
    • The Hologram will allow you to access the Traveler's shops, even when he's not in town anymore!
  • Chaos Hairstyles are available!
    • To celebrate the Chaos finale in AQW, this week you can show off your chaotic side with a new male and female hairstyle!
    • See HAL in Soluna City East to get your 'hair did!' 
  • More Chaos will week!

Battle On!

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kabimarta1: I just finished the Chaos Beast gauntlet, along with all three dungeons. Now waiting for the LQS items. P.S. The face icon for the AQWorlds account pages on the Portal site doesn't seem to be working, especially on mine. I would appreciate it if they would fix the source code for said icon soon.
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