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Just Released: Brand New Video Games Releases on June 27

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AdventureQuest Worlds

13 Lords of Chaos: Invasion of Darkovia

  • The 13th Chaos Lord senses a VERY powerful object kept deep inside the Dragon's Lair, and is sending the forces of Chaos to clear a path to it! 
  • Empress Gravelyn needs the Alliance Army to defend the Dragon's Lair long enough to buy her time to gather an even greater legion of warriors to combat Chaos! 
  • Which side will YOU fight for? 
  • Legends can unlock the Alliance side quest to recruit Xan the Pyromancer to their side, too!
    • Battle your way up Mount Vasalkar before the 13th Chaos Lord confronts their Chaos Beast

    • Play through the “Xan’s Recruitment” storyline if you have an upgraded account

    • Find our Summer Shop in the Game Menu and in Battleon

    • Upgrade or purchase select AC packages to unlock the Forsaken Warlock tier package


Epic Duel 

Lionhart Saga Part 2

  • Now that the Legion and Exiles are allied against the Lionhart forces,Transcendence and Immanence are taking matters into their own hands. 
    • Challenge them to one-on-one battles to test your mettle against the best forces Lionhart has to offer. 
    • Visit Revontheus to pick up on the next phase of the Lionhart Saga. 
    • You'll be tasked with traveling across Delta V to defeat Lionhart spies, forge more unlikely alliances, consult the greatest minds of Delta V and finally confront Lionhart's children. Perhaps seeing his top lieutenants defeated by mortals will finally draw Saeva Lionhart out of hiding behind his throne.
  • Immanence and Transcendence armors will be available from the Lionhart Soldier in the Overlord Facility. 
    • By defeating them you will have a chance to claim their weapons as rare drops! 
  • The Lionhart Soldier will stock new items created by our Volunteer artists Juniu, Hatred Cuirass, Assassin Order, and Bidoof!
  • Change your look with 18 new Lionhart styles.

Overlord War

  • Although Delta V is allied against the incursion of Lionhart, Legion and Exile forces still face tensions over who controls the Overlord Facility. This will make the Overlord Facility the next region in the cyclical War. 
  • With this new war, we will introduce a new participation-based prize system. 
    • Players who fight harder will be eligible for better prizes. 



Gravelyn Templars!

  • Character Release:
    • Gravelyn Defender (Male)
    • Gravelyn Defender (Female)



Weapon of Change - Harmonized Regrets

  • You must seek out Scakk to continue your hunt for powerful relics.
  • One slight issue... the fragment you seek is in Cereen.
  • You must search the cave system that was created by the fallen island.
  • That is where the fragment will be found, alongside an incredible instrument that will be forged, by Scakk, into a grand weapon.
  • Also don’t miss the Fireworks Spell coming to the Limited-Time Shop - only here for the month of July!


  • Have you ever wanted to create your very own weapon in AdventureQuest? Now is your chance! For every Golden Giftbox you open during the month of June you will be entered in a contest with the 1 ultimate prize being the opportunity to work with the Aq artist of your choice to make the weapon of your dreams! 
    • The more Golden Giftboxes you open the more chances you have to win!



The Elite Patrol

  • The path to the Third Level is out of your reach and the infiltration of Espina Rosa has come to an impasse. 
  • Go the Cafeteria and see if you can learn anything about the Elite Patrol. 
  • Who are they? What is their purpose?



Chaos War Items!

  • These relics from the Lore Dimension are available for a Limited Time!
  • One item will be added to the AQW Founder Shop!



Colosseum Chaos! 

  • Return to Planet 51 and take part in a new round of challenging fights!
  • Battle through powered up enemies! 
    • Most were chosen by your fellow players, but there's one special secret enemy!
  • New rewards, revamped Planet 51 rewards, and even a few "Void Enhanced" weapons and items are yours, if you succeed!
  • Make sure you've finished Yokai and Necryptos to be able to play through this new challenge! 
    • If you manage to win all the fights you may even get a small hint at things to come...

Battle On!

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Lelouch2411: The war in the lair is unfair for Chaos because you announce that the war meter will be different then suddenly you will change the war meter which will favor the alliance why AQW?
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Kitsune: The Alliance was actually winning, and the reason they were, or still are is because of 2 reasons Lelouch. 1) Bots couldn't bot rep using that meter so chaos/alliance didn't have as much "support" and 2) Everytime a LEGEND player finished the Xan mini-story that came out it helps the Alliance meter boost up.
Gjappy: I find the first reason a good one.
Lelouch2411: Okay thanks for explaining.