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Breaking News: Documented Sightings of Chaos Across the World

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Secret Underground Lab, Florida – Earlier this morning, frightening images depicting a devious villain began flooding the Artix Entertainment network. These photos, submitted by amateur photographers from across the world, showed the Champion of Chaos, Drakath, infecting the planet with Chaos.

chaos drakath paris
Photo courtesy of Tyler Olmsted

The 180 million players of Artix Entertainment are all too familiar with Drakath, as he is the main antagonist in the MMO AdventureQuest Worlds. Artix players *thought* that logging out of the game would protect them from Drakath’s chaotic madness...

Drakath egypt chaos
Photo courtesy of Lyvia Melo

Sadly, this is not the case. Drakath has breeched the real world, and has unleashed his chaotic prowess worldwide.    

Drakath brazil rio
Photo courtesy of Akizutsu

As you are reading this, the Champion of Chaos continues to leave his malicious mark throughout planet Earth. Artix Entertainment needs YOU to show us all the other locations he has Chaorrupted!

drakath big ben london
Photo courtesy of UltraMegasus

The Alliance has provided the following transparent background PNGs of Drakath and his Chaos Eye.

Drakath NPC
Drakath NPC (no sword)
Drakath NPC (open wings)
Chaos Eye

Grab your camera, capture Drakath enveloping the world with Chaos, and post your photographical findings on Beleen’s Twitter, Alina’s Twitter, or Artix’s Twitter!

drakath beleen in real life car convertible
Photo courtesy of Beleen

Additional information about the Champion of Chaos sightings can be found via the AQWorlds Design Notes here.

© 2014 Artix Entertainment LLC. All Rights & Knights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The AdventureQuest Worlds press contributed to this report.    


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