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New Online Game Releases Happening Now!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

13 Lords of Chaos: Conquer Mount DoomSkull

  • The 13th Lord of Chaos has been chosen! 
  • This weekend, the final Lord of Chaos leaves Drakath behind to begin a reign of Chaos so powerful, the land will NEVER be the same!
  • Unsheathe your blade and prepare to charge as Chaos creatures prepare to move out and attack! 
  • It’s World War Lore, and if Chaos succeeds, the consequences will be dire… and permanent!
    • Choose to defend Willow Creek OR battle for Chaos!

    • Friday the 13th Unlucky Chaos Limited Time Shop!

    • War Challenge: the first side to reach 50% on the war meter by Sunday unlocks a war Treasure Chest!


Epic Duel 

Lionhart Alliance

  • The Lionhart invasion has begun! 
  • To repel this threat, Revontheus will need your help forging a temporary alliance between the Legion and Exile forces! 
  • Talk to Revontheus in Valestra's Arcade to begin you mission -- great rewards await the peacemakers!



Godzirra Legend & Leatherhead!

  • He's BIG! Godzirra has Come!
  • Character Release:
    • Godzirra Legendary Evolution
    • Leatherhead



Weapon of Change - Part 1: Apocrypha Dramatica

  • Eukara needs a powerful, ancient artifact!
  • Hope you are ready to get your hands dirty because you will be doing an archaeological dig with Zephyros!
  • You will need more than a shovel though if you want to retrieve it!
  • Also don’t miss the new Fairy Godfather pets coming this week!



Friday the 13th and Dragon Primals



Friday the 13Th! 

  • Time to get mask on!



It's Friday the 13th ... again!

  • Chief Duncan has a new mission for you, and you can replay the events of the past too!
    • New mission!
    • Higher-level versions of Jameson mecha models!
    • Higher-level versions of weapons!

Battle On!

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Fife M
Fife M: I am the last hero you could ever imagine saying this. I was all prepared to give a motivational speech about resisting Chaos to those, like me, who have completed all the Chaos Lord storylines (and if I may, I’d like to call you veterans), but clearly recent events have altered those preparations. I will not give that speech to you. I speak now to all of the veterans, and you know who you are. We have been personally asked to do the unthinkable. Artix made it pretty crystal clear what he wants us to do. Say it’s unfair for this to be expected of us. Say it’s not right to have slaved to stop sorrow and bear the banners of saving, just to watch the others fight our fight. Go ahead. Say it. But first, stop to understand that Artix knows that. He understands. They wouldn’t have asked this of us unless they knew. With soft words we have been reassured- there is a reason. If there is one thing I KNOW and I TRUST, it’s that if we give them purpose, the heroes of Lore will step up to the plate- experienced and young alike- they will stop us. Yes. I know they will. If you can’t trust this, then I encourage you to go and read the very old DragonFable Design Notes. If DragonFable heroes can fight millions of enemies in wars (with their turn-based single player combat), surely the AQWorlds heroes can do it too. As much as I hate him, today I fight for Drakath. I encourage my fellow veterans to fight for the Champion of Chaos with me. Artix: you told me once you read these posts. So I tell you- I have faith in this. Please don’t let us down. You promised to give us a chance to still be a hero, and that means something. Fight to save us. To everyone else: I DO NOT- I WILL NOT- BOW TO DRAKATH. I bow to Artix. I bow to Gravelyn. I bow to all of them. I bow to you. Friends, family, you stop us in our tracks. Take the lead now. Veterans: Let’s not make it easy. We owe it to AQWorlds to give everyone the finale of a lifetime. The last words I have to say- We have witnessed trials. We have fought to save. O ye fair ones, believe and understand- although doom is all around- Heroes are born on the inside. There always has to be a choice. Go forth. Battle on! -Fife M
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kabimarta1: OMG I got the Doom Souleater Warrior armor from the Wheel of Destiny! But... I thought that armor and the other original 1% drops from both wheels were cycled out! What's going on here?! (P.S. The Grenwog, Pollution, and Totengeld maps, and Galanoth's birthday shop and quests still haven't left the game yet.)
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Primerose05: No I hate Friday the 13th! Its always my unlucky day online! I keep on dupying somehow
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