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New MMO and RPG Releases Happening Now!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

Calm Before the Chaos Storm

  • Take down the deadly dragons of the Razorclaw Clan to help Galanoth and the Order of DragonSlayers! 
  • With the Summer of Chaos beginning next Friday, June 6th, this is the perfect time to rank up your favorite classes and save up gold to buy better enhancements. 
  • You're going to want to be stronger and faster than ever before, because once the full force of Chaos is unleashed... no one is safe!
    • Defeat Razorclaw the Cryptbreaker and his Dragon Clan for reward gear
    • Talk to Yara in Battleon to get the first animated items (and help us test the new system!)
    • Get your very own Daimyo pet this Sunday (only available during his birthday each year)  



Dragzirra has Risen in Oversoul!

  • Character Release:
    • Dragzirra ( Legendary Evolution Coming Soon )
    • Lizirra
    • Zardzirra



The Celestial Haven - Neko City part III

  • The Neko City has finally arrived!
  • Now you can live among the Nekos with your own neko-themed house! 4 new houses, house guards and estate item!
  • Don’t miss the Zardzilla Trample spell now in the Limited-Time Shop this week. Only here for 1 more week!

June Z-Token Package - Champion of Tera Suul Set 

  • Replaced Champion of Airenal as the bonus items that come with the 50,000 Z-Token package
  • Channel the powers of the Great Frost Wyrm Tera Suul and drag your enemies into an Icy realm!

May Guardian Bonus - Hydro Guardian Dragon Armor

  • This awesome armor comes free if you Guardianize your account any time during the month of May!
  • Existing Guardians can find the armor in the Guardian Tower at a super discounted price!
  • Grab this armor while you can because it will only be available until the end of May and then gone forever!



The Runed Fortress

  • You’ve succesfully infiltrated Espina Rosa, but now your mission has just begun!
  • Your mission’s goal is to rescue an ally imprisoned on the Third Level. Make your way there!



Super-y Suits! 

  • New starter outfit designs (more color variants planned)
  • Chest Shield Emblem or without, your choice!



 Star Captain: Strider-P

  • New PERMANENT version of the Strider SCEM!
    • The Strider-P arrives in the Star Captain Club mecha shop with all-new specials! 
  • Happy Birthday Jemini!
    • To celebrate Jemini's Birthday, Star Captains may pick up the seasonal rare Jemini Hologram for your starships.

Battle On!

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Lelouch2411: Why am I always disconnected when I'm about to kill the Cryptbreaker?
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Magician_of_dragons: i have recently read about something going on for AQWorlds about a contest. However, I don't have twitter, yet I wish to participate. How am I suppose to enter?
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Wind Days
Wind Days: :D swag yolo
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Sorcia: This comment is for defender_of_light: we cannot approve your comment as it contains link. We cannot edit any comments. Please submit a new comment with your feedback suggestion, but directing players to AweMe Channel. Thank you and BattleOn!
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defender_of_light: Thank you for the reply, I just wanted to make sure that you had read the comment -Besides I thought that it was a pretty good suggestion- (about making a real Life prime blade of awe; its my favorite weapon in aqw, -well, exept the size, thats a bit exaggerated- and I thought that with your help it might be possible to make the people that work at AweMe to Craft one) ; other than that, I dont have much more to say, thank you for the Quick reply. BattleOn!
Julasry: WOW So Cool!
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