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Memorial Day Fun: New Releases in Free RPG and MMO Games!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

The Chaorrupted Lab

  • Chaos Consumes the Secret Underground Lab…
  • AdventureQuest Worlds, a land full of arcane magics and tangible chaos, is the brainchild of the tireless mods and programmers who have poured their ideas into it. 
  • Unfortunately, they underestimated the true power of the chaos that they created, and the Chaorruption has leaked into the underground lab. 
  • After infecting the programmers, it downloaded their deepest thoughts into the game, creating the Chaorrupted lab.  
  • As the team watched, more and more of their ideas poured into these new worlds, and then it happened. The chaos managed to pull the programmers themselves into the game and Chaorrupted them. 
  • With the chaos now more powerful than ever and no programmers to give the players a way to stop it time is running out to save the world of lore from complete chaos.
  • Can the players band together to save their favorite mods and save the game they love before it is plunged into complete purple havoc?


Epic Duel 

Another War Down

  • The Fortune City War is over. The Exiles have one another war and seized Fortune City from Legion control. Now is the time to login and claim your war prize!

Charfade's Charshoppe

  • Charfade has added several new items to the inventory, including a Little Gear mutation and new items from Juniu and Assassin Order! Be sure to stop by Charfade's location in the Barrens Outpost to check them out!

New Navigation

  • Now, you can use the redesigned world map to navigate to any NPC in any region! 

Power Hour!

  • Double XP and Credits all weekend long!

Heroic Memorial Achievement

  • Be sure to stop by the Achievement shop to claim the seasonal Heroic Memorial Achievement!



The Celestial Haven - Neko City part II

  • The Neko City has finally arrived!
  • Visit The Celestial Haven to find new weapons and spells, as well as learning more about the Nekos as they adapt to their new home and learn from their new spiritual guardians!
  • Don’t miss the Zardzilla Trample spell coming to the Limited-Time Shop this week. Only here for 2 weeks!

June Z-Token Package - Champion of Tera Suul Set 

  • Replaces Champion of Airenal as the bonus items that come with the 50,000 Z-Token package.
  • Channel the powers of the Great Frost Wyrm Tera Suul and drag your enemies into an Icy realm!

May Guardian Bonus - Hydro Guardian Dragon Armor

  • This awesome armor comes free if you Guardianize your account any time during the month of May!
  • Existing Guardians can find the armor in the Guardian Tower at a super discounted price!
  • Grab this armor while you can because it will only be available until the end of May and then gone forever! 

Bonus XP/Gold Weekend! From Friday 5/23 to Monday 5/26 gain an extra 10% Gold and XP from battles!



Art and Remembrance

  • Check out the Art Museum and remember to visit Soluna on Monday!
    • We've updated the Museum's art section with some new artwork.
    • Check out the exhibit to see how you can submit your own artwork to be featured in game!
    • Log in on Monday for several Memorial Day mechs. 

Battle On!

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Lelouch2411: Why don't you guys make the free fortune tickets available inn AQW every week instead of every month?
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KJinx101: No BladeHaven3D: Dragon'sBane? No AQ3D? WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I Miss the progress posts please, please "FOR THE LOVE OF WHYYYYYYYYYYY!" -4R71X V0N KR13G3R
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kabimarta1: So, I just got my Escherion Print and my Chaos Bundle on the day just before the release, and I redeemed all the codes that came with my new items. The only problem is, I don't see the Chaos Pike yet. According to HeroMart, the Chaos Pike was supposed to come with the Chaos Bundle pack. Is there sometime that it's going to be released soon? Just curious. On the other hand, great release, by the way. P.S. It's almost Summer and the Grenwog and Earth Day maps, along with Galanoth's Birthday Shop and Birthday Quests still haven't gone rare yet.
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Lelouch2411: Guys can you check the Battlemage Shop? I can't open it.
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Primerose05: Um, ok? I don't get this *_* help me
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