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Brand New Game Releases Happening Now in Online MMOs and RPGs!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

Dragon’s Rise: A Plague of Zombie Dragons

  • As more and more dragons fall to this mysterious illness, a new horror is rising! 
  • Any dragons slain by the disease return to unlife…as zombies! 
  • Batttle through Lore with Artix and Galanoth to find a cure for those affected by the zombie plague, then journey alongside Warlic.
  • You’ll need to hunt down the disease’s source, because what he’s learned spells destruction for the purity of elemental dragon magic EVERYWHERE!
  • Return to Etherstorm to stop a deadly plague of zombie dragons! 

Log in Friday at 6:30 PM server time for the first Limited Quantity Set!

New 1% drops in the Wheel of Doom and Destiny!


Epic Duel

Fortune City War Countdown

  • We are a little more than a day away from the next EpicDuel War event! This time, the war will take place in the capital of Delta V's commerce and communication, Fortune City. This Saturday, Legion and Exile forces will pour in claim to the region for themselves. 
  • Fortune City is powered by an Energy Core in Alydriah's Spire. The attackers will use Sappers to drain the Core of it's power to fuel their war effort. Defenders will protect the Core by bombing the Sappers.
  • The Fortune City Regional Influence achievement will be reactivated. This will be players' opportunity to build influence in this region!
  • The Dread Plains War prizes will no longer be able to be claimed after the Fortune City War goes live. 



Big Monster Hunt!

  • A new group of monsters have been terrorizing the Farthwark Woods - and we need you, hero to hunt them down!
  • Not only for the glory but each special creature has a chance to drop an essence you can use to craft one of three different weapons!

May Z-Token Package - Blood Contract

  • Replaces Ninemares as the bonus item that comes with the 7500 Z-Token package
  • Sacrifice HP for a big boost in damage for all attack types!

May Guardian Bonus - Hydro Guardian Dragon Armor

  • This awesome armor comes free if you Guardianize your account any time during the month of May!
  • Existing Guardians can find the armor in the Guardian Tower at a super discounted price!
  • Grab this armor while you can because it will only be available until the end of May and then gone forever!



The Codex

  • Play as Aspar in this week's release, and make your way through the inner Ynnungaap Temple in order to find a way to manipulate the DeepVoid Core!



Cosplay Shop Update!

  • Block Defender Outfit and Helm
  • Coming: Randor the Red Birthday Rare item
  • Coming: Cinco de Mayo returns



Maypril is Here! And May the Fourth E With You

  • Maypril Limited-time shop is open NOW! - and stays open until Monday May 5th
  • f001 mecha with new specials - NOT identical to the 4pri1!
  • New Seasonal Rare E-blade shop opens Sunday May 4 - and stays open until Friday May 9th
  • New classic-styled designs!
  • Revamped Lagos weapons and mechas arriving - these are permanent versions
  • Please submit any bugs you find to
    • Username: put character ID and character name here
    • Server: put location of bug here in a "planet"-"city" format

Battle On!

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dan12345678910: I bought the shadow dragon 2 times and i don't have it plz help i need it
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Entro: did u remember to buy the set off the site then get it from the badge thingy? And i didnt know u could buy it twice.
Rexxus: Artix !
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