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Brand New Video Game Releases Happening Now!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

Dragon’s Descent: A Plague of Dragons

  • Darkness has fallen over Etherstorm. The elemental dragons are dying mysteriously, and no magic is able to save them! Search through the homecity of the Elemental Dragons to discover where this plague came from and how it infects them.
  • Time is running out, and as the dragons die one by one, so does Lore’s future! 
  • Work with Warlic and Galanoth to discover who - or what - is killing them before dragons outside of Etherstorm are infected, or all of the dragons of Lore may die out… forever!
    • Return to Etherstorm to stop a deadly plague threatening all of dragonkind! 
    • Quest to earn the trust of Dragonhame’s citizens and search for a cure!
  • Find the Dark ExoSuit in the Wheel of Doom and Destiny merge shops!
  • Find new gear from the Epic Duel team in BattleCon!



Battle of Flowers!

  • Professor Akamu has been messing around with some strange new compounds he created to give Aria a special gift.
  • While experimenting in his lab, a gift from Aria causes an accident that creates over-stimulated, emotional plants.
  • On top of that, the Truphma have been sent to capture Professor Akamu!
  • Also don’t miss the Harbinger Blade coming to the Limited-Time Shop this week!

May Z-Token Package - Blood Contract

  • Replaces Ninemares as the bonus item that comes with the 7500 Z-Token package
  • Sacrifice HP for a big boost in damage for all attack types!



The Spam Fighters

  • The people of Falconreach can no longer receive their mail! It’s up to you to solve that problem!



Easter and Earth Day!

  • Easter Shop!
  • Love your Planet (Earth Day) Shop
  • Charpage Fixes
  • Server improvements



Introducing the Uber Nubertron! And Maypril is Coming!

  • Limited-time shop opens TODAY - Friday April 25 - and stays open until Wednesday April 30th
    • All-new U.B.E.R. Core special body effect! 
  • Maypril Limited-time shop opens Thursday May 1st! - and stays open until Monday May 5th
    • f001 mecha with new specials - NOT identical to the 4pri1! 
  • Revamped Lagos weapons and mechas arriving - these are permanent versions
    • Please submit any bugs you find to
      • Username: put character ID and character name here
      • Server: put location of bug here in a "planet"-"city" format 

Battle On!

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