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The Best Free MMOs and RPGs Just Got Better with New Game Releases!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

Tower of Doom: Hunt for the Eternity Blade

  • What dark and deadly creatures wait at the top and bottom of this death-trap? 
  • Battle increasingly-difficult monsters on your way to the top of the Tower of Terror or take on more and more challengers as you fight your way to the lowest level of the Tower! 
  • Unlock the Eternity Blade quest at level 30 for a chance to battle in the most brutal fight of your life!
    • Battle through 100 levels of terror in the Tower of Doom
    • Slay minibosses to reach the top and bottom… and the beastliest bosses around 
    • Slay monsters to earn merge shop resources for exlusive gear


Epic Duel

War Aftermath

  • The Dread War is nearly over. Unfortunately, the planet is a mess! Visit Hank in Fortune City for an epic quest of global cleanliness with amazing rewards!
  • Celebrate the War's end with a POWER WEEKEND! Double XP and Credits all weekend long!  Power up before the next war region!
  • War loot will be available as soon as the Dread War concludes.
  • Remember to get in the holiday spirit! Bunny/egg-themed weapons are available at Xraal and Cinderella in the Biological Preserve!
  • New one-size fits all suggestion armor designed by Vectos_AE!
    • 6 new styles 



Easter Character Release:

  • Bunny Berserker
  • Bunnytheus
  • Clan Warrior
  • Clan Archer



Grenwog 2014 - Missing Eggs!

  • Our annual festival of eggs returns!
  • Something this year isn’t right - eggs are coming up missing and all that remains are scattered shells. You will never guess who or what is behind it!
  • Can you track down the missing eggs and save Grenwog Festival?
  • Also don’t miss the Hockey Glaive coming to the Limited-Time Shop this week! 

April Golden Giftboxes - DragonFire Sword, Waterdrop Mace, & Poelala Guest

  • DragonFire Sword becomes even more powerful when used against dragons and dragon-kind!
  • Waterdrop Mace will decimate Energy monsters!
  • Summon Poelala Guest is the first Ultra-Rare permanent!

Good Friday Bonus!

  • Gain an extra 10% gold/xp from battles 4/17-4/21!



On Broken Wings

  • Intelligence reports say that Akanthus is meeting with Seallah, the rogue Dragonrider, to plan something nefarious. 
  • Your sources haven't been wrong yet, so you need to find out what is going on. 
  • You must play as Kara and infiltrate the camp and gather information. Whatever you do, stay away from Zadd. He's not a happy guy right now.



 Log in to get your DOuBLE XP and credits all weekend!

  • Replay Easter now and don't forget the Earth Day Shop this upcoming Tuesday!
    • The Spring Holidays are here! 
      • Get your seasonal rare mechas
      • Easter - Heads/Shoulders/Arms up to level 50!
      • Earth Day shop unlocks TUESDAY, April 22nd and stays for 9 days. Closes THURSDAY May 1st
      • Lagos - Updates to Prince Robert's Hideout shops! 
        • New levels of Mechs AND weapons! B.A.M.'s and Pirate weapons come next week!

Battle On!

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Fife M
Fife M: Personally, the Tower of Doom distinctly reminds me of the Trial Tower, Moonsand Ruins, Holy Tree Tower, and Mysterious Lighthouse from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, all of which have 100 floors which you have to progress up, with a different boss at each floor, a boss which you have fought previously. Also, as you progress, the monsters get tougher. Good news is: I'm used to that so this was no problem ;D
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K-Ace: What is the prize at the end of the raid, player reach level 100.. it seem really hard for me but ill try to beat the tower as i progress in the more question, is it worth it instead of doing other story line quest..or the tower is better?
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Primerose05: Tower of doom ain't that bad it scared me when I got o the 9th floor though. Honestly, this tower scares the heck out of me and when I looked at one of the bosses at the picture at the top of this page , I screamed it was so scary. Yesh you have to change that picture of
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