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The Best Free Games Just Got Better: Brand New Releases Across Artix Entertainment

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Save the Princess: Battle in Breakstone
    • Princess Tara of Swordhaven has been kidnapped by the Dread Red Dragon… and we need a Hero to save her! Help us help the Princess AND new heroes by playing through our new tutorial, then let us know what you think! 
    • High-level versions of the boss are available, too! 
    • Battle through Breakstone to save Princess Tara
    • High level challenge: Take on the Dread Red Dragon at levels 30, 45, or 60 for exclusive gear!
    • Dark Dragomancer Morph Limited time shop!


Epic Duel 

  • EpicDuel Earth (Delta) Day
    • While the war in the Dread Plains comes to a conclusion, Fortune City prepares for the next round.  
    • However, the Dread War is not over and Legion could still rally back! 
    • There's a celebration in the Biological Preserve as players will have a chance to check out some Earth Day weapons created by the players Tomcat and Hatred Cuirass! 



  • Character Release:

    • Clan Warrior
    • Clan Archer
  • Other Updates:
    • AQW Characters and Monster
    • Easter Release



  • Edge of Extinction II - Facing the Darkness! 

    • You will now witness the aftermath of the war and it effects, particularly upon the Brilhado.
    • Also don’t miss the Gleaming Lt. Lore Shield coming to the Limited-Time Shop this week!



  • Stay Tuned - Tomix is sick and Geo is working on a release for you... so it should be live Saturday :)



  • Fool's Day

    • Wonderp Bread created a new Fools Day cutscene
    • Paintball theme items added to Fools day shop



  • Log in to get your DOuBLE XP and credits all weekend!

    • TGIF: Turning Gremlins Into Fixes
      • We're removing the Gremlins! 
      • Golden Steampunk models and reported weapons now scale as intended
      • Please submit any bugs you find to
        • Username: put character ID and character name here
        • Server: put location of bug here in a "planet"-"city" format

Battle On!

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DragonQueen: Pretty kool update. Can't figure out how to get the higher level bosses, though.
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Mikejestic: The Battle Gems Fan Art contest winners have been announced? Where???
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Lord_Drakath: I'm just wondering does Adventure Quest World had 6Th Upholder? I hope it had on the future when the right times is come while I'm still on membership. Also, the Testing Tutorial is now Improve than before Tutorial. But, the boss(Lich King) we fight the old Tutorial is quite awesome stuff to drop.
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Gjappy: 6th Upholder will come in october 2015