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OMG MMOs & RPGs: Brand New Game Releases Happening Now

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Natural Predator: Lore Fights Back!
    • To prevent the pollution of Lore by unnatural industrialists, Nature itself is fighting back! 
    • Journey into the heart of a factory where the battlefiend IS the enemy!
  • Celebrate the arrival of spring with our Grenwog event: hunt for eggs in Battleon and defeat the deadly Grenwog!
    • Defeat the evil Chairman Totengeld
    • Slay the dread Grenwog and hunt for eggs
    • Unlock the Spring Seasonal Shop and Tempest set from Twilly
    • Find the Archmage of Light and Dark in the Wheel of Doom



  • April Fools' event - Babes of Battleon!
    • You are assisting Kamui with a new machine, which is supposed to help slightly reverse the aging process.
    • When something goes horribly wrong and you’ll never guess who is behind it!
    • Now the entire town of Battleon has been tuned into babies!
  • Galanoth's Pike in the (VERY) Limited-Time Shop
    • We're celebrating Galanoth's birthday with a super rare weapon!
    • The Order of Dragonslayers mounted a water dragon's head on a pike as a birthday gift to Galanoth - and a warning to all dragonkind!
    • This spear has been enchanted to deal extra damage to all dragons, and is especially effective against energy dragons.
    • The Pike of Galanoth is only here until Monday the 7th and then gone forever!



  • New content has been added to the Void Ship!

    • Explore even more parts of the ship, including the Void Drive chamber, and speak with NPCs you know!



  • Fools Day

    • New Fools Day NPC - Mallet!
    • New Fools Day Badge
    • New Monster and drops in Liberty Square!
    • Wonderp Bread working on getting new cutscenes made.



  • Queenadent Odessa has a mission for you NOW that will conclude next week
    • Navigate the Department of Color and Visual Affairs to pay the color bill! 
    • Get your 3014 "revived," re-colored 4pril mecha models with re-imagined NEW attacks
      • Shop closes TUESDAY April 8th, so be sure to grab your 3015 4pri1 model before it's gone!
    • NEXT Tuesday, be sure to grab... an umbrella? 
    • (The f001 model will be this year's Maypril mecha which will come out May 1st)
  • Log in to get your DOUBLE XP and credits all weekend! 
    • Part 1 of the new mission gives a great reward all weekend - next Tuesday that will change to a random number.

Battle On!

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