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New Video Game Releases Just Launched!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Lucky Day: Battle Gems Carnival!
    • The Dark Queen has evolved, but her goal remains the same: to protect the Nation from all who would harm it… and that includes you! Journey deep into the heart of Ravenloss to face the Queen’s Champion; survive the deadliest warrior in Ravenloss or there will be nothing left of Lore but a ChaosWeaver killing ground… and your friends will be left as prey!
    • Battle through Lore with the Arachnomancer Class
    • Invade the heart of the Dark Queen’s realm in the Ravenloss War
  • Class Points Boost all weekend long!


Epic Duel

  • Dread War Balance
    • To improve in-game balance, we've recently released a round of balance updates that can be viewed in detail in the latest patch notes.
  • Dread War Explained



  • Xov's Fire part III - Sacrifice of Hope!
    • Rumours about the state of the Drakel have been flying around Lore. Are they completely converted?
    • Have the Truphma assimilated the Drakel Magiscience? Was Bree'ha truly that capable of such atrocities?
    • Everyone has a question or comment about what is spreading across Lore.
    • The Spartan-themed Ares Warlord set will be in the Z-Token Shop this week!
    • Also check out the Stick of Unlies in the Limited-Time Shop!
    • It boosts the power of your Earth spells and can drain mana from your enemies with it’s special attack!
    • Only here for 1 final week!
  • March Golden Giftboxes - Darklaw and Poelala!
    • Poelala boosts the damage of your Magic attacks!
    • Darklaw does extra damage against Vampires and Were-creatures!
  •  Spring Break Special 
    • Spring Break special Gold/Xp boost is coming this week!
    • From the 19th to the 23rd of March gain an extra 10% Gold/Xp when battling monsters in Aq!



  • Head to the Shears to help Leon recover the Runestone from desolate ruins of the Archtemple.



  • Lucky Day! (Final Update!)
    • Last of this years items have been added.
    • Wonderp Bread now the HeroSmash Asst. Project Lead!
    • NEXT Fools Day! What can we do to surprise you?



  • Log in to get your DOUBLE XP and credits all weekend!
  • Queenadent Odessa has a mission for you this upcoming Tuesday!
    • It seems there's an overdue bill! 
    • Get your 3014 "revived," re-colored 4pril and F007 mecha models  with re-imagined NEW attacks
    • Shop unlocks TUESDAY, April 1st and stays for 7 days. Closes TUESDAY April 8th

Battle On!

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m1ck6y: eyy! you guys said "if we aqw players het to 50% will be rewarded a armor and things but..!! its already 80%+ already!! And its not even tuesday!! can u guys plzz give us moore REWAAARDS!! PLZZ!! THANKS!! my aqw name :P DARKXLEGEND!! YoooLooo!!
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Colossus: Now, I'm glad that AQW now allows us to gain exp and gold from all monsters of all levels but it's about time that came to class points. Class points are currently a real pain in the neck. You have to go out of your way to train up the ranks before actually going out to use the class in your next storyline quest or whatever. Class points need to be awarded regardless of the monster level.
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Lord_Drakath: Adventure Quest World have to gain the EXP to all monster for lower level and high level player. Artix Entertainment have to do this because for lower level player they have a long distance to reach Level 60 and it take's time to reach level 60. Also, the best to gain Class point/EXP is you need to goto /Join Shadowrealm or /Join Timespace after that using a Boost item. You can get boost item in Shop to buy it, get reward from log in a week, get from Wheel.
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