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Play Online or On Your Phone: Artix Entertainment’s New Game Releases!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • ChaosWeaver Invasion: Wrath of a Dark Queen
    • ChaosWeavers - deadly, spider-like beasts from below the surface - are flooding into the towns and cities of Lore with only one goal: to prepare the world for the arrival of their Queen! Pierce the web of deceit being spun around you before everyone you know falls to the warriors of Ravenloss!
    • Take on the ChaosWeaver Nation and the legion of minions they command!
  • Quibble Coinbiter and his rare gear are in Battleon with the Ascended SoulWeaver sets and more!
    • Double Rep Points server boost all weekend long! Rank up the new Ravenloss reputation!


Epic Duel

  • Dread War Chests
    • In celebration of the new and improved War system, we're unveiling 2 new packages: The Legion and Exile Dread War Chests!
    • The Legion Dread War Chest comes with a Legion Tank, 10x Dread Shells, 5x Super Dread Shells, 3 War Commander Cores, and 10k Varium.
    • The Exile Dread War Chest comes with an Exile Tank, 10x Dread Bombs, 5x Super Dread Bombs, 3 War Commander Cores, and 10k Varium.
    • These packages are alignment specific so you can show off your allegiance with style!
  • Spoils of War
    • Prize claim for end of the War is now fully-functional. Participation is required to be eligible for End of War prizes!
  • Major Fixes
    • Numerous bug fixes were implemented including fixes for regional Influence and War Hero achievements.



  • Human Fisher & The 1st Armor!

    • Contest Winners
      • Apparently some sort of IP address issue prevents me from posting on the forums. But I'd like to congratulate That One Guy and DidYouKNowThat for winning the 4th Oversoul contest!
      • I'm Releasing That One Guy's Human Fisher this week and DidYouKNowThat's Soul Wyvern next week.
      • You players all have a lot of talent, makes it hard to choose who will get to enter each into the voting polls. Each artist and writer suggestion I create in turn helps me learn new things about my own art. It makes me draw details and ideas I normally wouldn't. Thank you for helping me improve!
  • Character Release:
    • Human Fisher
    • Genesis Warrior ( The very first warrior ever created for AQW. He was used to test everything. )
  • Coming Soon!
    • DidYouKNowThat's Soul Wyvern
    • AQW Characters and Monster coming to OS!



  • Xov's Fire part III - Sacrifice of Hope!
    • Rumours about the state of the Drakel have been flying around Lore. Are they completely converted?
    • Have the Truphma assimilated the Drakel Magiscience? Was Bree'ha truly that capable of such atrocities?
    • Everyone has a question or comment about what is spreading across Lore.
    • The Spartan-themed Ares Warlord set will be in the Z-Token Shop this week!
    • Also check out the Stick of Unlies in the Limited-Time Shop!
    • It boosts the power of your Earth spells and can drain mana from your enemies with it’s special attack!
    • Only here for 1 final week!
  • March Golden Giftboxes - Darklaw and Poelala!
    • Poelala boosts the damage of your Magic attacks!
    • Darklaw does extra damage against Vampires and Were-creatures!
  •  Spring Break Special 
    • Spring Break special Gold/Xp boost is coming this week!
    • From the 19th to the 23rd of March gain an extra 10% Gold/Xp when battling monsters in Aq!



  • Your disguise is ready and so are the preparations to break in to the Rose prison of Espina Rosa!

    • Travel the path to Swordhaven under the guise of a Rose Soldier to pass inspection and successfully infiltrate the Runed Fortress. Don’t get caught!



  • Lucky Day!
    • Head up to Overlook for a new EVENT (merge) Shop!
    • On MarketStreet, new Lucky Day Gremlins drop Golden Tokens.
    • Old Fame/SC Shop will be leaving as it being replaced by the Merge Shop.
    • New Lucky Day Badge Unlocks just for visiting the Event!
    • More Lucky Day items coming this week!



  • Lucky Days Are Still Here!
    • 50% Lucky credits/xp boost all week!
    • See Braddock Steele for the Rainbow replay and NEW mission
    • NEW rewards in the Rainbow shops
    • Higher-scaling Lucky Mechas come out and L50 Lucky House Mechas!
    • NEW mecha model reward for new mission
    • Increased chance to encounter Richy in Soluna East.

Battle On!

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..Pink..: Beleen, how long do we have until the founder will be rare on battle gems?
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Entro: Dude, it's been less than a week, I'm guessing a month before it goes rare.
Kylestien: Apparently some sort of IP address issue prevents me from posting on the forums. But I'd like to congratulate That One Guy and DidYouKNowThat for winning the 4th Oversoul contest! In that case Nulgath, while I doubt you will see this if you DO see this, can you contact a forum mod or someone to try and fix it? I don't know if you have seen but there are a lot of people on the forum worried by the lack of updates especially among those who saw you talk about your grand vision for OS. At the very least, I'd love to see a Major DN or two on the OS website explaining stuff like behind the scenes stuff/issues, and planned updates for the future. Just to quell people's fears a bit.
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kabimarta1: I just finished the new release earlier today, and in the same day got Ravenloss Rep. Rank 4. =D By the way, I've been meaning to ask this for a while, so... when are the Hero's Heart rares supposed to leave? The event was only supposed to last for two more weeks after its release, but it's still in-game.
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Sera: Hey AE. I have a problem! On, it says that I'm 12 when I'm actually 14 meaning I cannot get on chat! When I joined in 2008 I put in the wrong age and haven't been able to get on chat ever since. Please can you help me? :)
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