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Happy Saint Patty's Day!

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Turns out, it is pretty easy... being Green.

Cysero's favorite color to wear is green. Must like his character, he often wears green in real life. But seeing the rest of the AE team show up at the lab wearing green is a treat that happens once a year! Another once a year event is our seasonal St Patty's Day events happening in many our games. So even if you forgot to wear green in real life today (or like me, only own 999999 pairs of black sweatpants with white stripes down the side.) you can gear up in game with some green armor and get in the spirit of Saint Patty's Day. For example, AdventureQuest World's Lucky Fair will be available all week... and this year it features a preview of our (OH DEAR GOSH PLEASE LET THE BATTLEGEMS APP GET RELEASED TODAY OR TOMORROW!) upcoming mobile game, BattleGems!  Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! Hmmm, next year we should make Green Health Potions.
QUESTION: Are you wearing green today in real life?
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Gjappy: Nope, I always wear white
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DerpSonic: Not really... But considering I'm commenting on this post a few days late. Mind you I didn't really wear green on St. Pat's Day either. Anyway, still REALLY excited for Battle Gems! I'm definitely downloading it as soon as I know when it's ready for desktops/laptops!
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