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What Luck: New Releases in the Best Free MMO and RPG games!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Lucky Day: Battle Gems Carnival!
    • There’s no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow THIS year, just a treasure chest full of the shiniest gems a Hero could hope for! Visit the Lucky Day fair to play Lore’s favorite mini-games, unlock the brightest gear in-game, and show the world it’s your LUK-y day!
    • Play our Battle Gems Mini puzzle-game when you /join Luck
  • Unlock Dage's Evolved Dark Caster Class with 2000 AdventureCoins OR 2000 Legion Tokens
  • Double Class Points server boost all weekend long!


Epic Duel

  • War 2.0
    • New War 2.0 system introduced (for real this time!). The fate of the Dread Plains will come down to a climactic showdown between Legion and Exile forces. 
    • Participate by collecting PvP war drops and using them at War Objectives.
    • New War Commander core maximizes PvP drops for faster war progress.
    • The winning alignment will claim awesome prizes and control the region.
    • After the war is won, another region will go live after a cooldown period.
  • Show Off
    • 3 new leaderboards: Exile influence leaders, Legion influence leaders, daily player influence leaders.
    • In-game interactive leaderboards prominently feature best players.
  • Achievements
    • New tiers of regional war achievements.
    • New War Hero achievement.
    • New achievement for achieving the highest rank in ALL regions.
  • Other
    • Dage's Blademaster weapons
    • Revontheus' luxury limousine!
    • 18+ new hair styles



  • Water Contest Suggestion Winners Annouced! 

    • Both suggestions will be worked on, animated and placed into the Oversoul Game!
    • For the writing contest, "DidYouKnowThat" 
    • For the Art contest,  "That One Guy"
OverSoul Art Contest Winner That one guy.jpg



  • Blarrrrney War!
    • Uncle Sham's up to no good! He's been taxing the Lolosians both in gold and patience, and they've had enough!
    • Can you save both the Lolosians' pockets from Sham's grubby hands and save Leprechaunia from a pirate invasion?
    • Also check out the Stick of Unlies coming to the Limited-Time Shop! It boosts the power of your Earth spells and can drain mana from your enemies with it’s special attack!
    • New Knight Helm Misc items are coming to the Knight Class Shop!
  • Spring Break Special
    • Spring Break special Gold/Xp boost is coming this week!
    • From the 12th to the 16th of March gain an extra 10% Gold/Xp when battling monsters in Aq!



  • Purple Day!

    • Purple creatures are running amuck during Lore's greenest holiday; who's behind this? Find it out in this week's release!



  • Lucky Day!

    • Dage the Evil is leaving HeroSmash this weekend!
    • Coming Monday - Lucky Day! 
    • Coming Soon: Polistar Locks Quest, MegaDome for testing.



  • Lucky Days Are Here Again!
    • 50% Lucky credits/xp boost all weekend!
      • See Braddock Steele for the Rainbow replay this weekend
      • Higher-level rewards in the Rainbow shops
    • Don't forget to log in Monday for a special NEW mission!
    • Higher-scaling Lucky Mechas come out on Monday along with L50 Lucky House Mechas!

Battle On!

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christoria the champion
christoria the champion: Hello! Happy Friday, I was just wondering, do you think our AQ worlds characters will ever be able to use attacks like say, Laken's? I thought of this because I fought Laken today and he was uning flip kicks and dash attacks. I kow our guys cant currently do thata, but I was just wondering if they ever will be able to do that. It might make things more interesting as well, you know, just wondering.
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