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Happening Now: New Releases in Free RPG Games

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Fractured Alliance: Chaos on the Move
    • It’s Dage the Evil’s birthday, and this year, he’s going to give you the gift of VICTORY!
    • But if you want the rewards you’ll find in the Underworld’s Arena, you’re going to have to fight for them! 
    • Battle the four horsemen of his undead apocalypse and show Dage that you’re worthy of the darkest gifts he’s got to give!
    • Join Undervoid to begin Dage's Challenge!
  • New gear in the Rares shop, Merge shop, and monster drops!
  • Head to Yulgar's Inn to celebrate Pancake Day with Oishii!


Epic Duel

  • Epic War Revamp!  War 2.0
    • The fate of the Dread Plains will come down to a climactic showdown between Legion and Exile forces. 
    • Participate by collecting PvP war drops and using them at War Objectives.
    • The winning alignment will claim awesome prizes and control the region.
    • After the war is won, another region will go live after a cooldown period.
  • Show Off
    • New leaderboards show winning factions and players.
    • In-game interactive leaderboards prominently feature best players.
  • Achievements
    • New tiers of regional war achievements.
    • New War Hero achievement.



  • An Unusual Invitation
    • Just when you thought you could relax and have some time to yourself you are confronted by a team of mercenaries!
    • Who would send mercenaries after our hero? Carnax? Akriloth? Play Aq this week to see who is behind this unusual invitation!
  • AQ Weapon Contest
    • The winning entry of our weapon design contest, Darkovian Deception, will be coming to Aq this week!
    • Find it in the Guardian Tower shop!



  • Explore part of the Void Ship!
    • Talk with the crew and do quests on part of the ship as many cabins are under maintenance and locked by the gnomes.



  • Mardi Gras Madness!
    • Let the good times (and your enemies' heads) roll!
    • Get your Canon de perle de fete Front Arm in the sidebar shop in Soluna City Main
    • Click the Mardi Gras mask above Tek's Mechs for a new hand-to-hand combat staff!
    • Visit HAL at the Hair Shop on the East side of Soluna City for a Mardi Gras Mask "Hairstyle"
    • Star Captains: See Lisa on your Starship - her shop has a Mardi Gras mask for your wall.
    • The new "revived" Runehawk head has gotten a buff: Now if the attack hits it stops enemy EP regeneration

Battle On!

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