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Dage Levels Up In Real Life… So You Must Level Up Your Game!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Carnaval 2014: Dark Carnaval
    • Carnaval has returned to Lore, but something dark is lurking in the shadows and threatening to cancel the party! 
    • Battle through hordes of samba-dancing zombies and hexed voodoo dolls to save Terra de Festa - and Carnaval - from the sinister Baron Sunday!
  • Empress Gravelyn and Robina send heroes across Lore to help prepare the world against the 13th Lord of Chaos
  • Celebrate Dage's birthday early with Blademaster class, the new Hardcore Paragon quest pet, and more!


Epic Duel

  • The ED Team is working on improving the War System; in the meantime, enjoy Springtime Seasonal Rares on Naomi and Xraal being released Saturday. 



  • Legends of Lore: Round 2
    • A new Hoard of Shadow creatures has arrived to challenge high-level players in the lands of The Veil!
    • Take down the Shadow beasts in a new Gauntlet Challenge for awesome high-level rewards! 
  • March Z-Token Package: Dunamis Pet
    • Replaces Cryomancer Staff as the bonus item that comes with the 20K Z-Token package!
    • Grants you devastating power with your Melee attacks!



  • Sulen'eska Quest
  • Be sure to check out the ew Chronocorruptor weapons in the superstore!



  • Dage the Evil Birthday!

    • Dage the Evil comes to HeroSmash for his Birthday!
  • HS Founders Shop now has the 'Foundation' Member Only Set
  • Coming Soon:
    • MegaDome for testing
    • SmashDome makeover
    • Hunt for the Locks Quest



  • Dage Blade! House & Tek Shops Updates 
    • Happy birthday to Dage!
    • Get your BladeMaster Katana in the birthday shop in Soluna City Main
    • Wear the Ninja costume (from Planet Yokai) to unlock the special Magic attack!
  • The new "revived" Cubots (Nova Gem Shoulders) are here!
    • See Braddock Steele for Heroes' Hearts replays to unlock the shop.
  • House & Tek Shops Updates
    • New higher-level weapons & mods in the House shops on the 3rd floor of G.E.A.R.S
    • Updated specials for some of the lower-level weapons at Tek's Mechs

Battle On!

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captaindoom: can you guys make add legion stuff for dages birthday to the wheel of doom for legion only like blade master or parragon plate
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