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2014 House Depot Contest Winners

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Everyone who participated in the competition (so long as you didn’t cheat!) will receive a 2014 House Depot Badge for your AQWorlds Character Page. Please be patient while award each badge as it will take us several days to complete the process.  The winners in the below categories will receive special prizes in addition to their Badge. Let’s see if you won!

Grand Prize Winner Winners

This was a tough one. So many amazing submissions and we could only choose 1 Grand Prize Winner. But we couldn’t pick just 1… so we have 2 Grand Prize Winners!

 mr zul, captn cio - pirate.jpg

Pirate’s Paradise

Created by Mr Zul and Capn Cio

Tired after a plunderin’ day? Drop anchor on ye’ TreehouseShip, Matey! All the amenities of a true Pirate’s Life at ye’ hooks: white sand at ye’ peg-leg, peaceful quarters, convenient hangin’ point on your Crow’s Nest an’ 100 miles to Tortulgar Inn only! Yarrrr!

 Prime , Nici , Ryuu - crystalized.jpg

House of Vita

Created by Prime, Nici , Ryuu

The house of the Stars, this structure is the remainder of an ancient civilization, Vita. Living knowledge of the cosmos is stored within its crystal shards. The entire structure is powered by the Stars gem at the top.

These two houses will soon be created in AdventureQuest Worlds for everyone to enjoy. The players who created these houses will receive their creation for FREE, plus a bonus of 1,500 AdventureCoins! Woohoo!

1st Place Winners

These players did an AMAZING job designing their houses! We wish we could transform ALL of these into in-game houses, but we’re just a small team and only have so many hands (we’re looking to employ an artistic octopus). These 1st Place Winners will receive 1,000 AdventureCoins in AQWorlds =D

Zult - dragon.png

Tomynha , ormys - fairy.jpg

Mikomaru - Moneybags.jpg
Ridion, Zayark, Dark knightes, Vlaiku - Darkfang Trophy.jpg
max man58 - castle.png
Kairosmith - brooktree.jpg
john matthew bituin , trizzzcentrino - concept of darksouls.jpg
(at)bruextian06 - floating.jpg
Anubis9108 - Elements.jpg
chaos lord zeus - fountain.jpg
Foreverman,shadowversion,kingsbountyhunder, darkassassin, darkfier - Volcano.jpg
gossj10 - dragon.png
housing123 - soundbox (flashed).jpg
max man58 - castle.png

2nd Place Winners

Glorious! Stupendous! Insert another adjective here! The following entries made it into our 2nd Place Winners, and for that, will each receive 500 AdventureCoins.  

matthewNg - happy.jpg
Kyber Moonbow - spongebob.png
Neoreaper13 , yoon Mirae - crystal.jpg
ms720 , stefc - modern.jpg
The0d0sis,Zoraith - Playhouse.png
the0d0sis , zoraith - plague.jpg
TheDen - twilly.png
Tiarae - Villa.png
urumi - 3swordz.png
Valyron - dragonhouse.png
Valyron - egg.jpg
souknight - runecastle.jpg
Quia - uxhal.jpg
m0rzz20 - dragon.jpg
lumpy_space_princess - YOLO.jpg
lord asior - dragon amulet.jpg
Kanzaki , soti1986 - sepulchure.jpg
Kamus , Killer7lp - Dragon.jpg
Heicker - dracolich.png
guns1408, mateus 1002 - altar.png
Gudiofor - Cookie.png
eichzen , deaedlove - indonesia.jpg
dragon warrior blaze - runes.jpg
Dinohunter9 - headsitting.jpg
demonhunter - Ebil.jpg

Darkondrago - futuristic.png
Dangoni, detonador999 dragon.jpg
cyberbakia , ryugan - futuristic.jpg
Bigtimemkk - temple.jpg
bigtimemkk - BloD.png
Beotzelf the second - skull.png
BCT, strikeryuzz , mage shadower , hihipuffyumi - tower.jpg
lupus the wolf - cave.jpg
silver ginryu , sushin kiren , reween - Winter.jpg
skryl - hut.jpg

3rd Place Winners

And the awesomeness keeps on coming! The 3rd Place Winners will receive 250 AdventureCoins for their great submissions.

Zush - Elves hut.jpg
Zultex - Beleen.png
Zelinia - mechanic.png
Zakymnsterjacker - Secret Base.jpg
zastin alegomos (aioros on twitter)- lucky.jpg
zerinho - tv.png
Zakymnsterjacker - Secret Base.jpg
xxxhadesxx x - bone.jpg
xx-demonking_xx -vacation house .jpg
xara , aioma - mailbox.jpg
wolfblade raven , insidious white wolf - time.jpg
VZYX - pink chinchilla.jpg
venom_heart , deadly_darkness - goodnevil.jpg
vasbaras - grannyhouse.jpg
vandrin7 - dwarf.jpg
Van glasse 1 , xx draco killerxx - temple.jpg
uchihalimit01 - guitar.png
tarewq123 - madhatter.jpg
Syukri - Dragonlord sword.png
Syrius VII , Gundred VII - android.jpg
stampede05 - destiny.jpg
smatrixs - doom.jpg
skip01 , heigan123 - dragonkeep.jpg
shamakuza - hillhouse.png
Shadowslayer rei - immortal.png
shadow ghol, cilv, kuylenko - shipwreck.jpg
scorpion_k1 - forest.png
safaria555 , ingus - flower.jpg
s matrix s -high5.jpg
Ronalverde - dragon.jpg
Renangostoso, rruann - burgerhouse.png
Razboinicul_ro - Chaos.png
Raven Heralga - Bansgee.jpg
pogi_0315, beast_adh4 , unholy warrior99 , mr_crow , doppleganersoul the order - sky fortress.jpg
pitsun patti , lime hellscythe - welcometohell.jpg
papel - chaoshouse.jpg
oscar_maciel , darkness legion - xiang.jpg
onlyname - undeadflower.jpg
Nolax - dage.jpg
noceo - green.jpg
nhok bimpro - forest.jpg
new jing 76 , huyen567 - castle.jpg
neitzel_unk, mr vbs - alteon.jpg
mystery woman - mystery.jpg
muddabacon - love.jpg
mr grim , ultra sniper - dojo.jpg
mowchar , eleine - grave.jpg
mostwantsd , akonibert - Undead.jpg
Miyvkicat - courtyard.png
Merlin the legend, beta_berzerker - mythical.jpg
Maxijack - legion.jpg
marassatto , s murilo - hills.jpg
Luvhart, blackjashin - pirate.png
luminitos -dragonfire.jpg
loze - chair.jpg
lolo pedring, shuzamaku , shadow hunter3333 , filitio , and crew - ninja dodjo.jpg
lillish - dark house.jpg
levitas - botler .jpeg
Leomz, ruibastan - fiend.jpg
krotono , project hero 546 , gastintus , ultrakiller99 - nulgath.jpg
krotono , project hero 546 , gastintus , ultrakiller99 - blod.jpg
kiraray147 - midgethouse.jpg
kenposhoto - mansion.jpeg
kaos rules x - timesplit.jpg
kakashi hattake77 , hayen 567 - float.jpg
kakahi - modern house.png
k31h - altar.png
julie , ... - minecraft.jpg
jub3rto - gravelyn.jpg
Jinlei - pukkingArtix.png
jhow - shoe.jpg
jegorgothe - grotho.jpg
Jared_20 - Pirate.jpg
izanagi , and a lot more people who probably never really helped-art.jpg
iustimen , denis415 - bird.png
havali Cocuk - Arcadion House.jpg
Gustavoneymar - Chaos.png
greendragonknight - box.jpg
green tornado 4444 - leprechauns.png
ghostathena - Hell.jpg
ghinth - dragon.jpg
Gamaslash - dage.jpg
Wiki team - wikihouse.jpg
falcon crusher -antizombiehouse.jpg
Fahed - shellhouse.png
Fahed - castle.png
evil_elemental - elegant.jpg
Eeyer - derp.jpg
eeedy - j6.png
Dreadbloom - Nature house with golem.jpg
Doctorule12 salamander.png
dna94 - dragon.jpg
Daxi - abyss shield.jpg
darksiders kira - cave.jpg
dack kritter - altar.jpg
chiok123456 - throphy.jpg
chen2812809638 - lighthouse.jpg
bob the healer9332 - Paladin.jpg
blackbuster , ifrith - dragon grave.jpg
ArtinemCS - Dragon.png
arch warlord x - sorcery.png
Apessoado, deller , rexxp - portal.png
anubis9108 - draconian.jpg
alan68 dragon.png
1709 , deigned - dragon.png
_snavble - modern.jpg
Gabrielsslf and Juliacs Moloch House and Altar.png
_aqworldsbrasil_ - skull.jpg
(at)boyoyolsxanlee - town.jpg
(at)rizkyaditya_AE - gigantic house.png
(at)UnkyAE - doginanegg.jpg
d3yd3y - skull.png


Everyone’s A Winner in our Eyes!

Thank you EVERYONE who participated in the 2014 House Depot Contest. Everyone at Artix is amazed at how talented you are, and as soon as we go through 500+ entries, you will soon see the 2014 House Depot Badge on your Character Page.

Follow these Twitter accounts to stay up-to-date on contests:


Keep up the great work, and we hope to see your artistic talents in future contests!

Battle On! 

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best of miltonius
best of miltonius: Why my house is not here my twitter name is Best Of Miltonius i sended it something like 5-8 times and it is not here ?
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Tendou no Mazo
Tendou no Mazo: It is a contest, means there will be places, not everyone would win. But you made your participation on it like any contest
best of miltonius
best of miltonius: Okay so i will get badge too if my name is not here ? Between that all nice houses?
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Rickyb20: "Everyone who participated in the competition (so long as you didn’t cheat!) will receive a 2014 House Depot Badge for your AQWorlds Character Page. Head to to see all the winners—and their absolutely amazing entries!"
Akizutsu: Yay, 3rd place ^.^
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TioGuii: I remember we had a rule about being creative ...
Well, I've seen this Arcadion House ...
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Julio: Qualquer um que participou ganhará a badge, Tendou ?
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Dangoni: Awesome !! 2nd Place
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thunder_of_aqw: i hope i will win
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18lunastar: If yours isn't on here, you didn't.
Sasuke: I didn't place... But I think I got a badge :D
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DerpSonic: "What's this? Something to do with Twilly?" *Scrolls down* "OMG OMG IT'S A TWILLY COUCH OMG OMG!" Also, the whole mailbox thing isn't a bad idea! It would be cool if there was a similar concept in-game. By the way, that derp house: genius.
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18lunastar: Some of these entries I thought I did better than, but oh well. It's just a matter of opinion. I didn't like any of these. Perhaps mine was too simple.
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Mikomaru: yay , 1 place winner :D
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Gjappy: Congratz!
Mikomaru: i wish my golden coinbitter statue will released V.V
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Krotono: Perdon,¿A todos los que participaron les daran badges?
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Jhow: Lindos desenhos :)
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iampancake: Wow! These are so good! However, I am so angry I didn't even know of this contest! Honestly, I would've drawn a house so detailed and abstract you would've made me lifetime member in every game you every make, lol.
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Gjappy: There will be more contests in the future :)
Mukhamad Rizal
Mukhamad Rizal: i didn't win :c
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Gjappy: You will still get a badge though :)
ForeverMan724: wow first place?! ^_^ and a lot of really cool ideas all! it is to bad so many good ideas but not enough time or people to create them O_o but wow, we (players) rock! lol artix makes the call and we answer with awesomeness! Congrats to all who placed and submitted ^_~
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Gjappy: Haha! I was going to say that too. Players are indeed awesome!
deballos: For the love of dage increase the house inventory. it has been so very long and you keep coming out with new stuff. you cant have more then 35 items and you cant store house items in the bank. anyone else agree?
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Sorcia: Hi! Please be patient as we are still awarding the badges to all the players who entered :)
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Dragonnightwolf: Congratulations to all of you talented winners. And thank you artix entertainment for giving us all a badge, that was very nice of you.
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best of miltonius
best of miltonius: I dont got it still