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New Game Releases You’ll LOVE this Valentine’s Day

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Love is a battlefield... and so is this Friday's release!

  • Double Rep AND Double EXP Boost begins on ALL servers at

    • Legend servers will get even higher boosts!
    • Login this weekend to battle the Bluddrun the Betrayer, find Beleen's Valentine, and show the world how much you love to battle in AQWorlds!
    • Replay previous Hero's Heart Day events!
    • Legends can battle Graveclaw the Destroyer in /bosschallenge
  • Olympics gear Limited Time Shop
    • Find the Snowboarder armor in the Treasure Map shop
  • The Yokai Sunlord set leaves the Wheel of Doom, Dark Heartbreaker set arrives!


Epic Duel

  • Aphrodite's Woe
    • Revontheus' Aphrodite's Woe P and E limited-quantity swords available at the Alydroid with pre-installed Azrael's Wrath core.
    • 24+ new Heartbreaker hairstyles!
    • New Home interface allows you to browse items for sale and in their own inventories more easily than ever.
    • Watch for those codes!
      • We will be awarding multiple prizes and home items with prize codes, making them more exciting than ever! 



  • Valentine's Day and Slimey Wormy Things!
  • Character Release:
    • Aphrodite
    • Love Machine
    • Lepid
    • Slime
  • Coming Soon!
    • 4th Oversoul Elemental Specific Contest
    • Your favorite AQW Characters and Monster coming to OS!



  • SnuggleFest 2014: What Does Igneox Say?
    • It’s Snugglefest! Love is in the air....but for ElBhe, this holiday has only ended in disaster.
      • This week, help him prepare for his date with his sweet little shadow vixen.
      • But what would happen if Igneox were to find out about this date?
  • 3 new items are coming to the Limited-Time Shop this week!
    • The Block Zard and Lorelympian Torch will only be here for 2 weeks.
    • Legion’s Curse will be here for the month of February and then gone forever!
  • Next week Golden Giftboxes overflow with TONS of items from your favorite AE games!



  • Love Ship 

    • Beleen may have the best of intentions but, when you love mayhem, even the best of intentions can go wrong on the Love Ship!



  • Happy Hero Heart Day!

    • Hero Heart Harry returns to Super City (find him at Overlook)
    • Check out the New AQW Beleen Valentine Desktop Wallpapers 



  • Blues Love Riches
    • Happy Birthday to Blues, MechQuest's Specials Designer! 
      • Celebrate with the elegant Blues' Tech Blade, coming to a Birthday Shop in Soluna City. 
      • Talk to Braddock Steele to replay Heroes' Hearts events of the past
      • infiltrate the ShS cruiser in the "Rescue Braddock Steele" 
      • Replay to open the shop and pick up higher-level versions of the Love Element weapons 
      • Take a stroll East in Soluna City and find the student who wants to challenge you 
    • Log in for the LIMITED TIME SPECIAL EVENT Saturday, February 15th 11-2, server time.
      • Play the "Possible Riches" quest
        • You will have a 1 in 3 chance to encounter Richy the Rich Guy in the last battle of that mission! 
        • With all your newfound riches, go back to Soluna Main to the Brickity shop for a new Blockity-style back arm cannon. 

Battle On!

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