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New Adventures Just Released!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Coliseum Boss Challenge: 10 Levels of Terror

    • Battle your way through 10 supercharged boss monsters: unlock new boss monsters and rewards as you level up! 
    • Use resources from the bosses to create all-new gear from the Coliseum's merge shop! 
    • Unlock the Jouster Class if you have the Jouster Armor OR buy it from the Wheel of Doom merge shop!
    • Find Zoshi the Monster Hunter's birthday shop in your game menu!


Epic Duel

  • New prize codes over the weekend!
  • 10+ new home items based on the Feldspar Flats tutorial region
  • Matching improvements will make it more difficult for 40s to match against 35s



  • Slimey and Wormy Things!
    • Lepid
    • Slime
  • Coming Soon:
    • 4th Oversoul Elemental Specific Contest
    • Your favorite AQW Characters and Monster coming to OS



  • War of the Fangs: Evolution

    • Vampires and werewolves have been rivals ever since the dawn of Darkovia. Now, their rivalry is renewed!
    • Both sides have located a site whose ancient magic may be able to push their powers to the next level....but, naturally, they don’t want their rival to gain access to that same power!
    • Both factions will be going all-out in this war, and so should you!
  • This is the last week to buy Voltaic Battle Axe, in the Limited-Time Shop, before it’s gone forever.



  • The Shears and ChronoZ

    • Visit The Shears to help Leon and Crest
    • ChronoZ animations are finished and ready for coding!



  • Make over!

    • Ulimate Evil and Good Shop art being update
    • Titanical Gear coming soon as new Promo Set
    • Brickman Cosplay Rare and Perm coming to Cosplay Shop



  • Brickity!
    • It takes a lot of bricks to build up a good strategy. Try out the all-new Brickity Back Arm weapon series!

Battle On!

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kabimarta1: The damage output of the challenge bosses in the AQW release was stronger than I imagined. At least I beat nine out of the ten so far. (I can't access Graveclaw yet because I'm not even at Level 60 yet. ^^;)
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Rezilia: It's getting worse... Please, before it's too late, give the games their original teams back! D:
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Gjappy: What do you mean?
Rezilia: If you haven't been here long, you might not know, but ever since DF up to now, the quality of AE's games have decreased. And they've done so in tandem with the moving of staff from certain games to others, even moving the creative leads of games. This has changed the games for the worse, since most of the staff that replaced them didn't know what to do in the games and changed them over time. This caused massive amounts of inconsistency which got worse over time until the playerbases of those games decreased enough for the staff to stop caring about their development at all. The games used to have amazing stories. Now...not so much. If the original staff are returned to their original projects, the games might be fixed. It's worth a shot.
KJinx101: Is AQ3D coming back soon?
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Gjappy: Read the update on
KJinx101: Thanx GJ. Always there to help :)
KJinx101: I like the new explanation given for the pause of AQ3D on . It really clears things up and I understand now. Thanks Artix.... and uh... one more request- when AQ3D is back in buisiness, can It have it's own DN's? evolved into and intergame DN's website. AQ3D should be treated just as fairly as all the others[jk but that would be gneiss]
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defender_of_light: guys i've just read the design notes about the temporary changes on classes, i have also noticed that the ultra elemental warrior class' skills requires less mana to use; is it also a temporary change? -in that case could u please make it a permanent change? Because i really like that change XD
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NoxEternal: ...
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Gjappy: I don't understand your comment Nox :p
NoxEternal: xD
Rezilia: I see. So that's what happened to AQ3D. I just thought you all had given up on Flash... I suggest using something other than Unity. Yes, it's cheap, but Unity has many problems of its own accord - not problems you have to face in development, but rather problems such as Unity crashing of its own accord for the user. If you're going to develop it for Android, I ask that you talk to eitarosoft, Spacetime Games, and Asobimo, Inc. All three have made highly successful 3D MMOs for Android that run perfectly. They can help you get AQ3D running for omni. /// Okay, so! I'm an Android user. I guarantee you that I'll pay for Founder in BG if it's available in Android at the moment that Founder becomes available. As long as you release it on all devices at the same time, this shouldn't be a problem. // Good luck to you all! ^^
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