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January 31 New Releases

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Yokai New Year: Chaorruption in Kirin's Wood

    • Cleanse Akiba of the Yaomao's Corruption, then help us celebrate the Year of the Horse with new gear and /cheer!
    • Log in each day for free gold and a chance to get free gear, game boosts, Fortune Tickets, and more!
    • Find the Yokai Sunlord and lady armor set in the Wheels of Doom and Destiny (and their merge shops)!


Epic Duel

  • Heartbreaker and POWER WEEKEND! Double XP all weekend long!
    • All Heartbreaker and Azrael gear is returning, including the Azrael Borg in a very limited quantity!
    • The Secret Package prize will finally be revealed!
    • New "Big Game" achievement.
    • New prize code this weekend!
    • New tutorial released!



  • Last week, these characters we're held back because of the Battle Gems crunch...
    • The one and only REV was inspire to make these highly detailed characters!
    • Game Release:
      • (Legendary) Tyrant Moose
      • (Legendary) Beck
  • Coming Soon: Your favorite AQW Characters and Monster coming to OS!



  • Ultimon’s Finale!
    • Every one of Ultimon’s plans have failed thanks to you, hero! This shadow has plenty of fight left in him though and will not be easily defeated. Do you have what it takes to go one-on-one with this powerful shadow being and purge his evil from the lands of Lore?
    • Don’t miss the devastating Voltaic Battle Axe coming to the Limited-Time Shop. Able to Stun your enemies with it’s powerful lightning storm attack!
    • New Shadow player faces are coming to Warlic’s Shop! 
  • Burning Passion mini-set! 
    • Replaces Glass Cannon Pet as free bonus with the 12,000 Z-Token package 
    • Heart’s Crusher Mace can take control of your enemies with it’s special attack!
    • Heart’s Defender Shield restores SP based on the % of your enemy’s attacks that are blocked!
    • You can also Burn your enemies when using the mace and shield together!



  • Battle as Aspar...
    • ... the Corrupted Elemental Spirit of Envy, to extract the human element from the residents of Hunters Paradise! 
    • Will his experiments succeed? Discover his true purpose and get all-new rewards in Ravenloss this weekend!
  • ChronoZ animations!
    • This class will have combo system similar to Shadow Hunter class... or maybe even something extra.
    • It still needs a few more animations, so it's almost finished and ready for coding!
    • Go wild, press buttons, watch ChronoZ harness time data powers!



  • New Beginings!
    • New Year and Arae Birthday Shop leaving this week!
    • Adding new Smashmas badge before Smashmas is gone
    • Daily Shop returning with more new items!



  • Bi-Polar Vortex/Snow Day
    • Possible Riches in MechQuest!??! Log in NOW to earn 40% extra credits and experience in battle!
      • PLUS look around Soluna City for the "Possible Riches" mission. 
      • If you're lucky, you'll end up battling Richy the Rich Guy for massive rewards!
    • The all-new Bi-Polar Vortex Front Arm weapon has blown into the Snow Day shop - use your Nova Gems to harness the wild wind power in battle!

Battle On!

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Rezilia: Remember the good old days when glowing red evil moons waged war, Bacon was a legitimate element, and there was mech that could summon a dracolich? I do. Now all I see are glowing smiley faces, poorly animated tornadoes, and horrible storylines. Oh, how I miss the old days... x.x
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grayfoxrunning: I just reached level 150 in Adventure Quest. Is that it? No higher levels? Now what?
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Rezilia: Wow. I applaud you - that's really difficult! How long did it take you?
Artix: AWESOME! Congratulations :-)
grayfoxrunning: It took me 6 years
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grayfoxrunning: I spend, sometimes 6-8 hours a day in the winter playing AQ.I have another guardian called Hawk that I also play.
Rezilia: 6 years... Seems about right. That was around DF's Alpha, wasn't it? :)