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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Shifting Shape of Chaos: Fae's Fabled Forest

    • Help Fae, one of DragonFable's most-beloved characters, uncover the story of her past and shapeshifting powers!
    • Battle through the elemental forest and unlock the Guardian Tree's portal!
    • Will you survive your encounter with the Guardian Dragon?!



  • Welcome to Delta V
    • We are introducing a new tutorial engine to educate new players.
      • New players will be introduced to a carefully guided introduction to Delta V and basic battle mechanics.
      • New players will receive an achievement and several starter items for completing the tutorial.



  • Characters You May Know!
    • Animating these lag monsters drained 80% percent of my Soul...
  • Game Release:
    • (Legendary) Tyrant Moose
    • (Legendary) Beck
  • Coming Soon: Your favorite AQW Characters and Monster coming to OS!



  • Supervillains have taken over Aeris! Batoro and San Robin need your help!



  • Xov's Fire part II

    • Rumours whispered in tavern rooms and forested pathways between cities has Lore on edge. After the clandestine meeting between Bree’ha and the Truphma General some time ago, things have gotten out of hand.
    • Smoke rises from areas where K’elds or Drakel settlements have been established, the Drakal seem to harder and harder to come across during travels. There are stories of all out war in some remote areas of the mainland and what few Drakel will stop and speak, speak with fear and fatigue.
    • And the name on every lip is “Xov Arakue”.
    • Has Bree’ha made his move? Has Xov Arakue finally had success on Lore? Is there really anything anyone can do to stop her? If one civilisation falls, will the rest?
  • Don’t miss the Frankeyestein Pet coming to the Limited-Time Shop this week! 
    • Only here for 2 weeks!



  • Snow Day!
    • The Snow Day shop is opening up in Soluna City
    • Check around town for a NEW battle quest that gives you the chance to fight an enemy who rewards you very very well!
    • Save your credits for the level 50 o.Ops version of the stunning newly-colored Snow Day arm!



  • Happy Birthday Arae!
    • Overlook info screen look has been updated to match current game theme and style
    • New specialty 'floating' button for Staff Birthdays and Limit Time shops!
    • Arae 1st HeroSmash Bithday Shop!

Battle On!

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kabimarta1: So AQW characters are coming to Oversoul? Sweet! I wonder if this means that there'll be Chaos characters to possess soon.
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Edward: Estupendo me gusto mucho!!!
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KJinx101: Hey Artix and you guys! I really love your games but they are starting to lose me. AQ3D was a big burst of hope, but battle gems is a great way to move into other areas, but if you check out your g + post "If I am breathing, I am building video games" I saw a lot of stuff I found true. I think you should really take these people's thoughts and use them to your benefit. I'm starting to grow out of everything and AQ3D was a new Final Fantasy or Skyrim Styled game that I was loving because it showed maturity. Battle Gems seems a lot like AQW which i have grown past a couple of years now and I love this company to death[really I have spent over $200 and I will spend more]. I want you to thrive and Battle gems is the right direction but the 3d stuff was more mature. I see you have developed a candy crush styled thing and I'm eager. But more so for Bladehaven Dragons bane. It's just the breathtaking things you do in 3d which blow me away. Regardless, I love this company and I hope to never fall away. Thank you. [This is not intended to be posted. Love you guys and your work!!!]
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Artix: I really appreciate your honesty. The very fact that you posted this here shows me that you care about our games, and want to see us do the right thing. I feel the same way about AQ3D -- it was the perfect project for us to have done. When the underlying technology died, it was a crushing blow to all of us here on the team. We also saw that everything was abruptly moving to phones/tablets. The decision to make Battle Gems was the right technology direction... we need our future games to be on all devices. BattleGems was supposed to be a 2 month project. It has been 7 months. We had a lot of hurdles, and we have overcome them. It WILL be released. It will probably be a hit. It is crazy addictive. We learned a lot. But this 2 year long stretch between releasing a new game has been really bad for AE. Every day I think about the very things you posted on. As a gaming community... we want really awesome, more mature, more action packed, and cutting edge (and experimental) games. As a game developer, in person, I will look you dead in the eye and tell you that is what I am planning on leading this studio to create next. Both 3D & 2D games with the sophistication and world like Skyrim is where my heart is. That being said, Battle Gem's art is chibi because it fit best in this specific type of game. The game is also a very important stepping stone in getting from where we are now to where we want to be in a year. We are counting on the success of BattleGems to fund our initiative to create the new games. Future project should move faster... but do not expect anything to happen over night. But, I know the type of game you want... and it is exactly what we will be building for you in the future.