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Just Released: New Quests, Items, Monsters, and Mayhem in Artix Games

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Loremaster Tradeskill: Uncover Lore's Hidden Secrets

    • Battle monsters across Lore to recover scrolls
    • Turn them in to Loremaster Maya to unlock pages in the Monsterpedia
    • Will the information you uncover eventually help defeat (or cure?!) Chaos? Battle on to find out!


Epic Duel

Revontheus' Reckoning

  • Revontheus NPC introduced in Valestra's Arcade
    • Offering 15+ new items
    • Win record adjustment 
    • Losses de-emphasized
    • Win ratios hidden from main Leaderboards
  • NPC victories will be tracked going forward
  • Minor balance adjustments
  • Improved matching



Dragon Fiend Rider and Nulgath Himself through Cross-Promotion!

  • On January 16 Nulgath the Archfiend came into the world creating his army of Voids, Fiends and all manner of Destruction!

Character Release:

  • DragonFiend Rider

Through an AE Promotion Package - you can own Nulgath in Oversoul as well as AQW Items

  • Nulgath Armor
  • Nulgath Helm
  • Nulgath Mini Battle Pet

Custom Card Element

  • Fire and Water



Past Unravelled II - Some Think It's Funny but It's Knot!

  • An attempt to trace Erebus' past instead traps you in the past of Governor Darin.
  • It seems clear that the Hall of Memories is still acting up and a discovery of the cause may hint at more trouble yet to come.
  • Open to ALL PLAYERS!

Golden Giftboxes - Purifying Crescent Blade and Infernal Bludrut!

    • Bludrut can switch between Fire and Darkness damage!
    • Crescent Blade is capable of extra damage to non-zombie undead!

We will launch our largest Rare Item Hunt ever with multiple prizes on January 20th!



Revisit The Shears!

  • Help Crest and Leon search for the Oculus Shard! 



Year of the Horse!

  • New - New Year Rare - Horse Head (Head Morph)
  • HeroSmash now on a new and faster server!

Battle On!

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SetoKaybola: Will there be Loremaster Class?
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Gjappy: Possibly, who knows?
Gobna: Guys can't you just make a quest to get the orbs for non members as well? At least make a non memebr version of the orbs without the effects ( I'm referring to the extra xp and extra damage to chaos monsters etc). Pls I really wish to get the class.
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Kevin892: First comment! Like what ya ?
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Kevin892: Oops! I mean like what ya made there.
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Edward: Amazing!
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