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Happening Now: Brand New Online Game Releases

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Command the Defense of Shadowfall

    • Work with Bonebreak the Vile to destroy the Chaorrupted warriors invading Shadowfall!
    • Defeat invaders and lock the gates surrounding Empress Gravelyn's city to unlock a rewards shop!
    • Unlock the full Shadowfall Commander set when you purchase a 5000 AdventureCoins package!



  • EpicDuel Legends: Part 2
    • Ability to add Legendary points to new stats: 
      • Primary Damage + Sidearm Damage + Auxiliary Damage + Defense + Resistance + Robot Damage +
    • Each Legendary rank earned allows players to unlock more points
    • New Revontheus NPC
    • 10+ new items
    • 24 new styles



  • Year of the Horse!
    • Character Release:Card Custom Element Rotation

      • Dynasty Warrior
      • Year of the Horse
    • Nulgath's Birthday Gift!



  • The Navigator
    • Who on Lore could possibly be able to navigate the harsh winds of the Deep Void? 

    • Who could have the bravery, the knowledge, the power to guide the ship through the Void?



  • Ultimon's Fortress part IV

    • Ultimon has returned, bringing with him a horde of powerful shadow creatures!
    • Can we stop him this time? And just what is his ultimate plan?
    • Don’t miss this week as the conclusion to the awesome Ultimon Saga begins!
    • We will also be adding another Rare Item Hunt as well as a horde of item updates!

 Battle On!

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AErules: XD i just got a poster today with that same armoured gravelyn!!! :) #kityanaisverynice
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defender_of_light: i think i might have fugured out the next chaos lord: it might be either selpchure, or... GRAVELYN!(but i mostly suspect selpchure).
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defender_of_light: i also think that i have found out who "the hero" really is; SPOILER ALERT! (well. kinda): the hero is the champion of order, at least thats what i think.