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Artix's Brand New Releases for the Brand New Year

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AdventureQuest Worlds

 New Year's Event: Year of the Nightmare

  • Frostmane's terrifying dream has become your reality, and if you want the sun to ever rise again, you will need to survive the horrors of the Nightmare Realm!
  • Slay dark and deadly creatures to unlock Ulfgar's rewards shop
  • New gear added to the New Year's Rares shop 



Happy New Year!

  • Welcome the Gentlemen 2014
  • Look forward to a certain character release come the great fiend's day of birth...
  • Nulgath's Birthday Gift!
  • Father time will go perma rare!



Miss Fixit

  • The programmers of Aq have been hard at work squashing bugs!
  • New Years player faces have returned!
  • We are also adding several new items this week, including a New Years Wand that will only be available for 1 week!

January Z-Token Package! Cryomancer’s Staff!

  • Replaces Horn of Tera Suul as bonus item that comes with the 20,000 Z-Token package!
  • This powerful staff adds a freezing ability to any Ice spells you cast!



Nightmare After Frostval Continues!

  • Dracelix has made some gorgeous weapons to celebrate his birthday and ring in the New Year   



SMASHing New Year!

  • New Year items are now EVENT items/rares not SEASONAL 
  • Newly revised New Year armor, making old version RARE
  • AXE label items will over time become SWORD 
  • Working on a new PvP arena where players will face MEGA size bosses

Battle On!

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quadrakiller: HOW do we go to that nightmare realm in aqw?
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AErules: you have to beat the quest summon frostmane
Lelouch2411: Can you guys increase the chance of triggering the Shadow Dragon in the Dragon Shinobi Class of AQW? Please guys!
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