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Artix’s Wedding Event And New Video Game Releases!

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AdventureQuest Worlds 

Lord of the Wedding Ring: Real-Life Battle Wedding

  • Artix's creator gets married! In-game Battle Wedding event on Friday the 13th
  • Unlock multiple event endings with souvenir screenshot-postcards
  • Rares shop and permanent merge shop
  • Glacial Warlord Class special upgrade and AC offer
  • This Saturday: Beleen's birthday shop in Frostvale
  • Log in to get 200 Free ACs as a Frostval present from Adam, Michelle, and the AQW team!



*The EpicDuel team is working on completing all of this and more for you next week!*

Blood Hawk Battlegear Bundle - New $50 Package

  • 6 amazing new items in one mega-bundle!
    • 2 Blood Hawk Slayer swords with a new active skill core
    • 2 Blood Hawk Battlegear mutating items with a new active skill core
    • Blood Hawk and Spectral Hawk mutating bots with a new active skill core
    • Items available in game for Varium-only

EpicDuel Legends

  • Level 40 unlocked!
  • Experience curve smoothed to make leveling more pleasant overall
  • Level 40 unlocks Legendary Mode
  • After hitting level 40, players will continue to earn Legendary experience to earn Legendary ranks 
  • Each Legendary rank unlocks a Legendary point. Players can allocate Legendary points into granular stats like block % and critical %, allowing us to enable long-term progression without breaking end-game balance
  • Legendary players will have a colored name, an evolving Legendary icon, and subtle new visuals to convey awesomeness

Arcade Bonanza

  • Themed arcade games based on other AE games
  • Win exclusive content never-before-seen in EpicDuel
  • New achievements and leaderboards for new games

Additional Content

  • Blood Hawk mutation - turn into a hawk outside of battle
  • New Asgardian styles
  • And More!



Character Release!

  • Revontheus Master
  • Rudolphtheus
  • Jack
  • Jack Ice
  • Jack Frost

Founder's Shop of Rares of the Year.  This shop is only available to Founders!

  • Rev Egg
  • Keyblade Revontheus
  • Rainbowtheus

Buy any Soul Gem Package and get access to this RARE 1st Upholder Void!



Friday 13th Returns with Wedding Gear!

  • F13th Crow's Omen Gear (Amor, Mask and Cape)
  • Battle Wedding items!
  • Also check out HS gear in Epic Duel Arcadebot!



The cultists are back!

  • Help the Bubble, Toil, and Trouble - Mogloween's Cauldron Sisters - as WAR rages in Lore!

  • Battle the Cultists, who have returned with a mysterious purpose!
  • Find a NEW shop celebrating Artix's wedding in-game later tonight!



Smog Breath Spell coming to the Limited-Time Shop!

  • This spell calls forth the power of a mighty dragon's breath! In addition to searing fire damage, the thick smoke it leaves behind may blind your foes!
  • Only here for 2 weeks!

Flame Guardian Dragon Armor

  • Flame Guardian Dragon armor delivers a vicious bite attack or fiery breath weapon!
  • Any one that Guardianizes until January 8th will get this amazing armor for free!
  • Existing Guardians can find it in the Guardian Shop at a huge discount!
  • Only here until January 8th!

 December Z-Token Package!

  • You get an entire set of bonus items that comes free with the 50000 Z-Token package!
  • Airenal's Might Armor
  • Airenal's Cunning 3-in-1 weapon
  • Airenal's Crest Shield



Flavescent Friday 13 Artix Wedding Blade Birthday

  • The once-a-year Flavescent Friday shop opens TODAY featuring a selection of your favorites: 
    • Rare Mechas and deeply-discounted Weapons! 
  • It's Friday the 13th, and that means MANIACS. 
    • Replay events of the past and pick up an all-new fearsome Front Arm weapon. 
  • Commemorate Artix & Trini's wedding with the devastating Love-Powered Rose Shooter Back Arm!
  • Celebrate Blade's birthday with... a blade! 
    • Guest artist Zee the Legend, from AQ Classic, sent over a beautifully-crafted energy blade for the occasion.

Battle On!

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AErules: this should be... interesting
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defender_of_light: Great releases as always and that was really an epic wedding. But, Beleen, shouldnt You change your character outfit... look at the latest design notes. Isnt that a bit too much?! (i know that this is not about the releases, but i didnt know were to post this because i dont have either Twitter or Facebook)
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dan12345678910: Today i finished the drakath thing and im just what. What happenes to the hero. So could you guys plz finish it becaues what im thinking is the dies :(
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kabimarta1: That was a fun AQW release! I laughed so hard when I saw all the bonus endings. And King Alteon appearing out of nowhere in the default ending really took me by surprise. P.S. Hey! Artix and Nythera's birthdays are at the end of the year, so why shouldn't the staff make birthday shops for them on that day? Just a suggestion.
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JoodaAE: Cool
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bookwizardofreality: EXTRAORDINARY WEEK! great implementations of the games and it has become really amazing. beleen's love caster was just splendid. keep up the good work and lets artix entertainment attain great victories. battle on
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markstewart27: hahahaha :)
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