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Give Thanks: Thanksgiving Day Game Releases!

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AdventureQuest Worlds

  • Thanksgiving 2013 event!
    • Revenge of the Turdrakolich!
    • Seasonal Rares shop
  • Starting tonight, you can buy 30 MORE inventory slots! Collectors rejoice!
  • Pre-Black Friday merge shop and Quests
  • Exclusive Black Friday Armor Set
    • Unlock Dage’s BlackJack Armor Set
    • Character Page Badge
    • Buy ANY Legend Upgrade or AdventureCoins package of $19.95 or more, and become the BlackJack
  • Black Friday Rares and Returning Items on Black Friday
  • Monday: Cyber Monday Rares shop
  • Log in on Black Friday OR Cyber Monday to get entered into a prize pool! 
    • 100 winners will get an exclusive Shadow weapon and 100 winners will get an exclusive Cyber weapon!
  • Name changes now available! Check it out on the Design Notes.



  • Join us for an event that will take you across Delta V to investigate a mysterious and terrifying force! 
  • The Dark Harvest is upon us as, but don't fret -- new weapons have emerged to help combat this ancient evil with powerful cores and mutating bots!
  • When you stare into the Black Abyss, you'd better not blink!



  • Thanksgiving Seasonal Character Release!
    • Bill the Apprentice
    • Bill the Hunter
    • Bill the Assassin
    • Revonthurkey
  • Game Update: 
    • Resonance (Story Suggestion Winner, The Jop)
    • Cyber Void
  • Current Card Custom Packs
    • Fire and Water
  • 1st Upholder: Players who bought Soul Gems between October 31st and January 1st will have access to the 1st Upholder!
  • Skexis Variant



  • Shogun Akunezu is back to perform villainous attacks!
    • Battleon needs you to prevent the evil Samurats from achieving their goal of world domination!
    • Biggest Rare Item hunt ever with multiple clues and locations to explore!
  • Visit the Limited-Time Shop to find the Catching Fire spell! Available until December 2nd!
  • Awesome Black Friday event 11/29 - 25% off ALL Z-TOKEN ITEMS!
  • Play Adventure Quest anytime on 11/29 to be entered into the drawing for an exclusive, one-of-a-kind Black Friday Katana!
  • Play Adventure Quest anytime on 12/01 to be entered into the drawing for an exclusive, one-of-a-kind Cyber Red Katana!
  • New Z-Token package starting in December
    • 50,000 Z-Tokens for $99.95 
    • Inlcudes an entire item set: Armor, shield, and 3 weapons!

MechQuest Mustache You


  • A Hairy Situation continues! 
    • Bearded Head Weapon Reward



  • It's Smashgiving with new Smashgiving items!
  • Wonderp Bread Birthday returning! But this time no shop but drops!?! That's right you need to fight Wonderp Bread for his items!
  • Coming soon: Smashmas!

Battle On!

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Superlative: Cannot wait for all the events & items available on Adventure Quest Worlds. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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grayfoxrunning: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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kabimarta1: Happy Thanksgiving! Those Turdrakolich battles sure were something.
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thundeman2: Happy Thankgiving all, have a good Black Friday shopping~
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AClover: Happy Thanksgiving
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dragonmaker: for all you monster slayers out there happy fangsgiving YYYYYEEEESSSS
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BUCKWH34T: I still want to ride that Turdrakolich :/
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